Fire at CYYC

Has the aircraft been severely damaged, or was it just the luggage truck? Anyways, glad your ok!

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Damage on the outside of the aircraft at least was virtually non-existent (just black marks on the paint), however considering the fire appeared to also be inside the cargo hold, it may well be a mess in there…

Oh god I hope everyone is okay

Was going to post about this but you beat me to it. That must have given you a minor scare!

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I believe what happened was the rear cargo loader caught fire for some reason. I don’t think anyone was hurt and I don’t think the aircraft was damaged at all. Just waiting for the official report at this point.

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News article on the fire:

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How was the outcome. Where there casualties?

Nobody was hurt and the aircraft was not damaged. Cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

i hope no people were hurt or the aircraft was damaged

The aircraft had minimal damage. It was a belt loader that had caught fire.

Maybe another Samsung Galaxy Note blah blah blah…


Lets hope not. lol. Investigation is really key to prevent the same accident

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