FIR ( Flight Information Region)

With global coming out very soon thanks goodness we’re not speculating now I think it would be good to have VIR.

What in the world is this?
Flight Information Region is ^is a specified region of airspace in which a flight information service and an alerting service (ALRS) are provided.^

^Every portion of the atmosphere belongs to a specific FIR. Smaller countries’ airspace is encompassed by a single FIR; larger countries’ airspace is subdivided into a number of regional FIRs.^

In these regions is one big ATC centre and they control that part of the atmosphere.

This will be a good feature because someone will be able to control one region at a time.
Normal ATC will still be available

Is this not a feature request? @dylonez

If it is, please move it over to the #features category.

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The Center Frequency will not be included in the first version of Global so maybe some time down the road when we get the center frequency back, this can be added… :)

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So you just want sectors? As brandon said above this will not be implemented in v1 global, I say this will come along great with a clearance delivery frequency. Great request!

LARS is not used by IFR traffic. I’m not sure if it will be useful or not for many pilots. It’s use in IF will be much more like center frequency as mentioned above. So for that reason I think this won’t really work.

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