FIR controller

In real life, the FIR controller. They sit at the city of the FIR name?
Example: Kuala Lumpur FIR. Controller sits at Kuala Lumpur and controls all planes?
Example: Kolkata FIR. Controller of FIR sits at Kolkata?
Example: Pyongyang FIR. Controller of FIR sits at Pyongyang?

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I’m not sure about for other areas, but I know for New York center the controller sits at a building at KISP. This is technically even in Boston Center 😂


I don’t know if this is always the case, but it very often is, yes.

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It’s not always the case, Canada is a great example.

Edmonton Centre has 3 separate ground facilities, one in Edmonton, but also one in each of Whitehorse and Yellowknife because the FIR covers such a large area.

Vancouver Centre is actually located in Kamloops, Winnipeg Centre has locations in Winnipeg and North Bay, Toronto Centre is located in London, and Gander/Moncton is located in Halifax. Gander/Moncton is one centre controlling two FIRs as well as Gander Oceanic.


oakland oceanic controller sits where?


“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea!”

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It’s like that for EGLL to.

spongebob squarepants

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I dont think Pyongyang likes to talk to us

Bikini Bottom to be exact, the krusty krab. No but seriously thats a good question. Cause ZOA is a big area

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Back in the day (1980’s) when safety wasn’t a concern, my dad got to tour the building as KISP and he got to contact an aircraft!!

Wish we could still do that these days (not the tour part, rather the communication part)

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