FINSHED!(Sign ups closed)F-16 formation flying@KEWR1800Z

F-16 formation flying!

  • Aircraft and Livery: F-16

  • Route: KEWR-KEWR

  • Time of Departure: [date=2019-10-09 time=18:00:00
    timezone=“America/New_York”] → 2019-10-09T22:00:00Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: Hello there make sure you respect the rules if there is ATC I am NOT responsible for violations or reports.
    As we get closer I will give more information hope you can join!

INFORMATION: We we’ll take off from 22R
MoreINFORMATION: Our altitude will be 7000ft also I will have a Flight plan @Sir_Baller @TheGuy.

Ball Park Hardstand 1: @UnitedGuy19
Ball Park Hardstand 2: @Sir_Baller
Ball Park Hardstand 3: @TheGuy
Ball Park Hardstand 4 @Starz_Flyz

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I can join.

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Alright I will put you down

I have a discord server that we can use. Do you want to use that or this thread?

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My thread please thanks for the offer!

   There is a lot of gates open at EWR! Feel free to join!

Are we spawning at a commercial gate?

No we are not


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Meee yooo boi

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I’d love to come, but it’s getting late where I am. Have fun!

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I will put down

Oh man wish you could make it!

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Dang it I’m too late no more gates

There’s 1 more @Starz_Flyz

No your not there is BALL PARK HARDSTAND 4
I will put you down for now

5 mins people!

What my stand

Hard stand 3

@UnitedGuy19 sometimes when I switch between IFC and IF, IF crashes

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