Finnish Air Force Livery - F/A 18C


Here is my suggestion for the future of Infinite Flight : adding the F/A 18 in the Finnish Air Force (Ilmavoimat). Finland has decided in December 2021 to renew their fighter jets fleet with the F-35 (that will start to replace the aging F/A 18 from 2026 on) but their current fleet is significative and will stay in the Finnish airspace for a couple of years. The Ilmavoimat uses the F/A 18C variant so please vote for the legacy variants in the next poll about the rework if you want this livery in Infinite Flight.

Finland plays an interesting role in the defense of Europe as they are Russia’s neighbours and NATO’s neighbours and they do a lot of joint operations with Western air forces. Yet they are neutral.

If you like it, please vote. The F/A-18 is the next aircraft to be reworked in IF.

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Credits : Ilmavoimat

When the rework of the F/A-18 was announced they said they will make a community poll which variant, legacy A-D or super E-F,G should be the one.
When this poll turns out for the Super Hornet there will be no Finnish livery, if it will be the legacy Hornet I am pretty sure the Finnish livery will be one. With the last aircrafts they have launched they always made the list off livery’s as diverse as possible and reflecting the most produced and most famous ones.


Thank you ! I hope the legacy will win the vote

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