Finnally made it to grade-

I’m so happy right now that I finally made it to Grade 4. When I thought of giving it a try I was honestly in disbelief I would have the commitment to do so and I gotta say it can get boring doing pattern work for hours trying to get to 400 landings.
But I made a playlist and listened to some tunes during this :)

I used the citation x to get here but I’m also curious what other aircraft do you use to get more landings?

^^^ My 400th landing on infinite flight ✈️.

Now my next challenge I wanna do I to join the IFATC. (Would be appreciated to recieve some tips)

That’s all :)


Congratulations on reaching Grade 4 🎉

Good luck for your challenge to join IFATC i’m sure you’ll make it :)

Even though i am not in IFATC here are some tips:

  • Go through the ATC manual
  • Practise controlling in Training server
  • Try doing the practise test
  • Go through the tutorials

Whatever playlist you got I might need it to have that much motivation lol

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Thank you for the good vibes.

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😂😂 it was some journey

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Congratulations! I’m also way more ahead with hours and points, and behind with landings. I see you’ve already got what you need for grade 5 apart from the landings.

I used to try and bag more landings with some multiple touch and goes on the same runway like at Travis AFB and Edwards AFB… But I’ve stopped that now because it can get a bit crazy (the winds out there can be punishing).

Now I focus on lots of short haul flights, because I enjoy the whole approach, intercept and final stages. I havnt found circuits in IF much fun in afraid, it’s just so hard to keep an eye on the runway.

Honestly, if you’re just pushing landings, load up in the Casual Server at KEDW with the Xcub.

Takes like 45kts to take off. Once you take off try to land as smoothly as you can. Because the Xcub is so light, you’ll float for a while

Keep in mind that the runways at KEDW are like 23000 feet long and you need to have a 30 second gap between each landing.

I once needed 38 landings to reach Grade 5 and I did that in roughly 55 minutes.
I managed to land the Xcub like 8 or 9 times on the longest runway, turn around and did it again…

The xcub is fun and the winds out there can be quite strong. I once had a Ground Speed of 18kts (no stall warning)
KIAS was about 43. Any slower and you start to stall.

Anyway, good luck :)

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It’s a long grind to get where you are today. We all have been there. Many congratulations moving up… Keep flying and get regular patterns - that’s what I did and you get to the converted top grade 5!


What I did was go to KLAX with the citation and took off from RWY 24L and sharp left turn and land at RWY 7L.

After you get the hang of the movement I ended up speeding upto 230knts when taking off and around 190knts when I touch down.

With such high speeds I end up avg around 1 landing every 30-45 sec. One time I was so quick I landed just under 30sec and the game didn’t count it because of the short time frame.

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800 landings seems a bit much there😂😂

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If you can do that within 30 to 45 seconds, good for you. I just landed on the same strip with the Xcub and it’s good practice:)

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😂Yes it’s a lot, but I do regular patterns every day. I love doing patterns as it helps me to practice perfecting landings in different conditions in different aircraft types and working out the physics. B757 is challenging.
10 landings per day give you 300 per month appropriately. Then you’re much closer to grade 5.
Its not as hard as you think as long you do the patterns. But not everyone like doing patterns.

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Use the TBM 930 in Casual Server.
It’s like :

  • Full power
  • Took off
  • Make a 360°
  • Make a HARD Landing
  • Stop in the runway
    And repeat how many times you want :)
    Normally i use SBGR to do this.

I used 757 to get to grade 3 basically i spent all day doing landings in casual server in EGLL!

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Use a TBM in EDDF start at 7C make left turn after Takeoff on the 25R then again a left turn back to the 7C.

So you can make aboute 60 Landings in one Houre.

Good Luck

Congrats and welcome to the Green Tag Gang !!


Here’s a way to get a TON of landings

Fly the TBM
Spawn at KEDW on the casual server
make it as light as possible
keep the flaps full the entire time
have just 2 hours of fuel

Cool. I will give it a try when I try to get to grade 5

Oooo yes 😂😂 thank u

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Is flying the 757 easy? Doing such toght turns