Finnair Virtual’s 3 Year Anniversary - Thank You

Our 3rd Anniversary. Thank you.

On the weekend beginning Friday the 16th, we held our 3rd anniversary after a very successful year of operations. We had an incredible attendance both from our pilots and the IFC, with over 100 attendants. This was an amazing event and a true celebration for all pilots and staff.

Here we present to you some highlights from this weekend.


Aircraft: Finnair
Location: Helsinki and more.
Server: Expert

Our CFO, @tunamkol, getting ready to pushback in Singapore, for our Singapore Slign event to homebase - Helsinki.

Pushback commencing. Among the Finnair A359s, our pilot @iTs_Jens96 and CFO @tunamkol.

One of our top pilots, @Arnav_Nimbkar, rotating out of Singapore.

Touch down in Helsinki with a company A333 taxiing for departure.

Pulling into gate with our pilot, @Rob_Shore, giving way.

One of our pilots, @Kennedy22_spotter, joining the A359 lineup @ Helsinki.

@Kennedy22_spotter arriving at their destination following the Helsinki flyout.

Pilot @Dinis_Palma arriving in Dubai following their flight from Helsinki.

Finnair Virtual pilots @Finski, @Rob_Shore and @frankgarten23 parked at Sydney, following their ULH from Helsinki.

Our COO, @Pilot_Aaltonen, getting ready for pushback while a Finnair E190 taxis for departure.

Special thanks to @Joel_Albert and all other IFATC controllers for their service at Helsinki and all other featured airports!

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Finnair Virtual


Really nice topic! Happy 3 years! Even more years to come!


I definitely had an enjoyable time controlling on all the days of the Anniversary.
The excellent level of professionalism of all Finnair pilots gave us controllers a really amazing experience at all the airports.


It was a pleasure and a great experience joining you in this event. Congratulations on this milestone!
Let’s hope for many more years to come!

Chief Marketing Officer


Amazing to hear, glad to have you in the crew now, too! 😉

Thank you for supporting us! Really appreciate it from all of us at AYVA. ❤️


Wonderful time with Finnair Virtual.