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tämä todennäköisesti varmistaa kypsät lentäjät

Kiitos ;)

(This is to try and ensure mature pilots, thank you)

Ok (:
Pitää kasvaa vielä 😂

When you are 14, feel free to join us ;)
(kun olet 14-vuotias, liity meihin)

Joo! Tottakai

Toi on todella mahtavaa kun vastaatte suomalaisille suomeksi

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Inaugural Event! At EGLL on Dec. 1st, 2019.

We are pleased to finally get our first event out, to fly with our Pilots and many members of the Infinite Flight Community! Feel free to sign up with the link above and join us as we head home to Finland!

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@Finnair_Virtual. MaxRequest; Welcome aboard… Pls post a Route Map, Hubs & Fleet Aircraft Types & Aircrew Qualifications.
Regards, Max

@If_finnair@FINNWINGS… English translation pls. Courtesy dictates Translation always. English is the language of aviation.

Yes! Of course = Joo! Tottakai
Toi on todella mahtavaa kun vastaatte suomalaisille suomeksi =
Toi is really awesome when you answer Finnish in Finnish

Hey Max! Thanks for the welcome.

Most of the things you’ve listed are indeed added. Our routes are available on our Crew Centre, we have one hub which is Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Our fleet is listed on our thread and website, and aircrew qualifications (which I assume you mean Pilot qualifications) are also listed at the end of the thread.

Thanks so much! Have a great day
-CR3W, President


Welcome, A350!

That’s right! The A350 is now here for all to enjoy. We currently have a lot of things to do in order to officially introduce this Aircraft into our Family. Such things include, but not limited too:

  • A new Fleet and Ranking Page
  • New Codeshares
  • An Official Event
  • New A350 Routes and
  • A new Crew Centre (That’s right!)

Please allow some time for us to get settled in with this Update. Until then, everyone and anyone is welcome to join our VA in the new Era of Infinite Flight. See you all in the skies!

-On behalf of the Finnair Virtual Management Team, CR3W

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Greetings, and everyone here at Finnair Virtual introduces you to our brand new, state-of-the-art, Airbus A350-900! We’ll be using this aircraft to extend our routes onward to more and more destinations, such as Los Angeles, Dubai, and London!

We hope to see you join us in this new era of aviation, and Finnair as a whole! ❤

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Please note: You should be aware of the new IFVARB Staff/CEO policy changes before applying for the staff position with Finnair Virtual.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions at Finnair Virtual:

  • Assistant Flight Manager

The role involves working in coordination with our Flight Manager in keeping our route database up to date and of the highest quality. Thoroughly monitoring PIREPs, and checking in on our pilots is also a part of the job

For details of the application requirements for the position, please visit the job description link here and to apply, head to our Careers page or the link here!


New Partnership With American Virtual!

Today, the Staff and Finnair Virtual and @AmericanVirtual (AAVA) are pleased to announce this brand new Partnership between the two VAs. This is an exciting opportunity for all pilots apart of either Virtual Airlines.

We’ve included all real-life codeshares to enhance the experience and to give a realistic feel. Routes and aircraft can be found here

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Looks amazing guys!!!
It’s such a bummer Thai Airways doesn’t codeshare with Finnair!
I love how clean this thread looks! It truly represents to Scandinavian design that Finnair is all about! Nailed it perfectly!!
I would love to give constructive criticism but I’m finding it difficult to find anything to criticize. Perhaps make the available positions easier to see. I only noticed it on my 2nd time skimming through.

Great work guys!!!


The new News for January 31st, as of January 18th, I told my Staff and Pilots that I would be stepping down as the President of Finnair Virtual as of Febuary 2nd, at 2359Z. Having @Niccckk step in as my new replacement. While I have no doubts that both Nick and the VA will do just fine, it’s always hard thinking about when I started it with @VAnuj, and how far it’s come from the 9 months we started the VA to now. Thanks to @Chris_Hoover for the guidance through the whole process.

Thank you all, and have a great day.


Cheers to your tenure, @Evan ! We couldn’t have come so far without you! An exceptional leader and always lending out a friendly hand is what made you unique. Just thank you’s will fall short here.

Heartiest congratulations and all the best to @Niccckk for the new role you’re going to lead. No doubt that you’ll do an amazing job!


We’re currently in need of an Event Manager to the Finnair Virtual staff team.

This role involves the process of creating high quality internal and external events for Finnair Virtual. This role requires decent text formatting abilities, and availability to communicate with attendees.

For details of the application requirements for the position, please visit the job description link here >

Apply Here >

Applications will close on 2020-02-17T00:59:00Z.



Sitio, will come back to read everything !

Introducing the Finnair Crew Center

After lots of hard work by @KaiM and @Evan setting this crew center up, it’s now ready, for you, the pilots!

With a sleek and modern design with an easy to use interface, it’s the perfect crew center for our pilots!

What’s new?

Introducing the Events Tab (BETA) - The events tab allows easy access to all of Finnair Virtual’s events via the crew center.

New Theme - With the new crew center, which now follows the Finnair design, is now perfectly suited to Finnair Virtual.

Lots more is to come soon with this new and updated crew center!

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This new crew center is awesome! @Finnair_Virtual

Everyone on IF, Finnair is a great virtual airline with great people who are willing to help you. Thanks to all the staff in FAVA for guiding me to become a first officer and very soon the next rank. @Niccckk and his team are great and are happy to help with anything!