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Based off the Airline, Finnair, and based in the Simulator, Infinite Flight.

On behalf of myself (The President) and my Staff members, thanks for checking out the Thread, and the VA itself!
We are a VA based on the real world Airline, Finnair. We use an identical fleet, logo, name, operations and more. The only difference is we’re based in a Simulator. We offer a wide range of fleet and opportunities here and we can ensure that you’ll fit right at home. Our fast-growing network of routes and codeshare partners makes joining a lot more fun and suits more people’s wants and needs.

At Finnair Virtual, we want to make sure we meet everyone’s needs for a VA. We like to include everyone is things we do, such as updates, events and much more. We are a VA with over 20 active Pilots continuously flying the skies day and night. From many routes to chose from, we offer over 300 routes including mainline and codeshare to choose from, in Finland, Europe, and across the world.

Former Presidential Message

Over the remaining months of 2019, we’ve accomplished much more than myself and the team could ever imagine! The staff has been hard at work since the day they joined, which in return has made a well functioning VA. We look forward to what 2020 will do for us and the VA community. I do not doubt that Finnair Virtual will succeed with time, with the help of partners along the way.

Evan. V (@CR3W)
Former President at Finnair Virtual

Why Join Us?

Joining us is very easy, and only takes a few moments. We like to consider ourselves a good starting VA for new and old people in the Community. Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet in the VA world, or just looking to be in a small VA, we can help you take off.

When you first join our Slack, you’ll be greeted by our wonderful and supportive HR Manager, or one of our Executive Management members. They can help with any questions you may have and will guide you through the VA whenever you need help.

While joining Finnair Virtual, you’ll be invited to join our Slack Workspace.
Slack is our main way of communicating with our pilots, to reach out to them about group flights, flash flights, announcements and much more.

Ready to get started? Check out our website and head to our application form to apply today.

To apply here at Finnair Virtual, you must meet the following requirements shown below.


** (star) indicates exceptions apply.*


Grade 2 Pilot in Infinite Flight*

At least TL1 (Basic) on the Forum

Have Infinite Flight Pro*

Knowledge on the uses of Slack*

Maturity at ALL times

Able to log 1 flight a month*

14 Years of age

The individuals have shown great commitment to the VA since its grand opening in 2019. They work constantly to ensure a well-working virtual airline all around. It’s a very demanding job and requires a complete focus on the person in the position.

Check below to see our list of Staff Members and a bit about them.

Executive Team

President, @Niccckk Hey there! My name is Nick, and it is with great honour that @CR3W (Former President) has given me this position at Finnair Virtual. I am responsible for overseeing all operations at Finnair Virtual; making sure everything is running smoothly within the virtual airline.
Deputy President, @VAnuj ​Hi! I’m Anuj, and I’m a huge av-geek! I am a Deputy President here at FAVA! Working alongside some of my greatest friends, I know we will all be able to provide a comfortable and nice VA fit for all types of IF players.

Management Team

Flight Manager, @Ayush_Mathur My name is Ayush and I’m the Flight Manager here at Finnair Virtual. I’m extremely happy to work alongside such a fantastic team and ready to extend my services to provide a VA for all! As Flight Manager, I will be logging flights for FAVA pilots, updating our routes and answering your general queries. I live in New Delhi, India and am 17 years old.
Events Manager, Vacant Apply today via our Website in the Careers page or follow the link here! Please remember to see the job description here. Thanks for your consideration.
HR Manager, @2003Iggy Hey, my name is Ian, and I am the HR Manager for Finnair Virtual Airlines. I am responsible for pilot relations, activity, and making sure that everyone is satisfied with their time here. If you have any queries, always feel free to send me a message.
Chief Pilot, @GlobalFlyer1 My name is Aarush, and I’m a 16-year old aviation enthusiast from San Jose, California. I’m Finnair Virtual’s Chief Pilot and currently completing training courses to become a Private Pilot. I strive to be as realistic as possible and am always there to help if you have questions!

We have a constructive rank structure which allows pilots to unlock aircraft by building their way up to larger aircraft based off of how many flight hours they log into the crew centre. While mostly consisting of Airbus, we do also offer the Embraer E190 into our fleet. Which is obtainable upon joining.

American Virtual

American Virtual has been for a while one of Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airlines in the community. We’re very proud to partner with them and to be a codeshare with them! We look forward to working with them and giving more reasons for Pilots to get into the sky!

Alaska Virtual

Alaska Virtual offers great routes in North America. Something both VA’s didn’t want to pass up on! We’re incredibly proud to codeshare with them and to further explore North America!

Finnair Virtual is in no way affiliated, sponsored, endorsed or approved by Finnair. We are simply a non-profit Virtual Airline based in the game, Infinite Flight. ​For booking and more, head to the real world airline,
Finnair Virtual Airlines is under strict regulations of the IFVARB. Please contact us by Email if you have any more questions. Our Logo is owned by Finnair with slight modifications added to it.



Looks fresh!
Cannot wait for great times ahead ;)


Congrats on approval @Finnair_Virtual! Wish you the best of luck!


This is a superb thread. Congratulations and welcome to the VA world!


Great looking thread. Especially those staff banners. 😁


Congratulations Finnair!


All the hard work has payed off!
I’m very excited too see what lies ahead, and I know it’ll be amazing.

Also, thanks for the great comments everyone! It makes all of us smile and know that it was all worth it!


Congratulations guys! Amazing thread, wishing you guys all the best of luck in the future!


Glad to see Finnair Virtual!
Good luck guys


Looks absolutely stunning @CR3W!


Wish you all the best.


Gotta admit, this is one of the most sleek, most elegant threads I’ve ever seen for a VA!

Nice thread guys, and good luck!


Nice thread Finnair! Good job @CR3W


Great looking thread! I love the Norsk lands!


Nice thread guys. Good luck with the VA!


NSV - FVA Joint Event!

Join NSV and FVA as we start our first Event for Finnair VA, in partnership with Nonstop Virtual! Gates are available for sign-up, whether you’re in Finnair Virtual, Nonstop Virtual, or just a regular Pilot looking for some group fun. Follow the link below:

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A350 - Finnair Coming Soon!

The A350 with the Finnair is coming! Everyone is very excited and can’t wait to get it in our hands. Our website will be updated shortly with everything you need to know. Enjoy to screenshot curtesy of Infinite Flight’s Instagram

| Website | Apply | Instagram | IFVARB |



Congratulations Finnair. This was a much needed inclusion for a great airline.


Äh miks pitää olla aina 14v

tämä todennäköisesti varmistaa kypsät lentäjät

Kiitos ;)

(This is to try and ensure mature pilots, thank you)