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Based off the Airline, Finnair, and based in the Simulator, Infinite Flight.

On behalf of myself (The President) and my Staff members, thanks for checking out the Thread, and the VA itself!
We are a VA based on the real world Airline, Finnair. We use an identical fleet, logo, name, operations and more. Only difference is we’re based in a Simulator. We offer a wide range of fleet and opportunities here and we can ensure that you’ll fit right at home. Our fast growing network of routes, and codeshare partners make joining a lot more fun and suits more peoples wants and needs.

At Finnair Virtual, we want to make sure we meet everyone’s needs for a VA. We like to include everyone is things we do, such as updates, events, etc. We strive to offer the best Virtual Airline experience, with our simplistic crew center, extensive route map, and plenty of aircraft to chose from, you won’t get bored here.

At Finnair Virtual, we have a group of highly experienced individuals who make Finnair Virtual an extraordinary airline. Look below to see who they are!

Executive Team

Welcome to Finnair Virtual! It is with honor I get to call myself the Founder, Owner, and President of this Virtual Airline. My staff members have put countless hours to make sure that not only FAVA was up to our standards, but to our Pilots standards as well! We strive to not only deliver a positive feel to the Community, but a safe one as well. We hope to see you with us soon to fly from Finland, to the World!

​Hi! I'm Anuj, and I'm a huge av-geek! I am a Deputy President here at FAVA! Working alongside some of my greatest friends, I know we will all be able to provide a comfortable and nice VA fit for all types of IF players.

Management Team

My name is Ayush and I'm the Flight Manager here at Finnair Virtual. I'm extremely happy to work alongside such a fantastic team and ready to extend my services to provide a VA for all! As Flight Manager, I will be logging flights for FAVA pilots and answering their general queries. A little more information about me, I live in New Delhi, India and am 16 years old.

Hey there! My name is Nick, and I am the Events Manager here at Finnair Virtual. I'm pretty OCD when it comes to many things, which is also why I handle the graphics here. In case you've been living under a rock, Pepsi has always been superior to Coca-Cola, and always will. My goal is to help this Virtual Airline strive to its greatest potential.

Hey, my name is Ian, and I am the HR Manager for Finnair Virtual Airlines. I am responsible for pilot relations, activity, and making sure that everyone is satisfied with their time here. If you have any queries, always feel free to send me a message.

My name is Aarush, and I'm 16-year old aviation enthusiast from San Jose, California. I'm Finnair Virtual's Chief Pilot and currently completing training courses to become a Private Pilot. I strive to be as realistic as possible and am always there to help if you have questions!

At Finnair Virtual, we have a constructive rank structure which allows pilots to unlock aircraft by building their way up to larger aircraft based off of how many flight hours they log into the crew center.


Aircraft Unlocked


Hours to Unlock // 0-10 Hrs

Aircraft Info

Passengers: 114
Aircraft Range: 4,537 km
Fuel: 16,153 liters
Engine Type: GE CF34-10E

Unlocked upon joining the VA, the E190 is a wonderful aircraft to fly around Finland, all Pilots always choose to fly this Aircraft, even after being promoted to the A319 and so on.


First Officer

Aircraft Unlocked

Hours to Unlock // 10 - 25 Hrs


Passengers: 156
Aircraft Range: 6,900 km
Fuel: 23,430 L
Engine Type: Turbofan

Once joining and reaching 10 Hours, you’ll be able to fly this Aircraft! A small narrow-body aircraft great for Airbus lovers.



Passengers: 180
Aircraft Range: 6,150 km
Fuel: 23,430 L
Engine Type: IAE V2500

Along with out A319, our A320 is also included in our First Officer bundle.


Senior First Officer

Aircraft Unlocked


Hours to Unlock // 25 - 50 Hrs

Passengers: 186
Aircraft Range: 7408 km
Fuel: 30,030 L
Engine Type: CFM International CFM56

Only 1 of 2 Aircraft in-game with the Finnair livery. This amazing Aircraft makes a great plane to fly around Finland and Europe to really represent Finnair Virtual!



Aircraft Unlocked


Passengers: 295
Aircraft Range: 7,222 km
Fuel: 39,800 L
Engine Type: Rolls-Royce RB211

Our second Aircraft with the old Finnair livery. We have decided to keep this in our fleet as a historical part of our fleet.


Senior Captain

Aircraft Unlocked

Hours to Unlock // 85 - 120 Hrs


Passengers: 289
Aircraft Range: 13,400 km
Fuel: 139,000 L
Engine Type: Rolls-Royce Trent

As of now, our only large Airbus. We use our A330 daily and enjoy every minute of it!


Coming Soon - A350

Coming Soon!

  • None at the moment - check back when we have Codeshare Partners!

Why Join Us?

Since the beginning of the Infinite Flight Global Update in October of 2017, Finland has only seen one VA in its lifetime. While we have noticed this, we decided to give Finland a chance. With our very diverse fleet, we can travel not only domestically, but internationally as well. Whether that’d be Helsinki to Oslo, or Helsinki to San Fransisco, you will surely have a great time.

While joining Finnair Virtual, you’ll be invited to join our Slack Workspace.
Slack is our main way of communicating with our pilots, to reach out to them about group flights, flash flights, etc.

To apply here at Finnair, you must meet the following requirements shown below.


Grade 3 Pilot in Infinite Flight

At least TL1 (Basic) on the Forum

Have Infinite Flight Pro

Knowledge on the uses of Slack

Maturity at ALL times

Able to log 1 flight a month

14 Years of age

Finnair VA is neither sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Finnair. We are simply a VA based off them and their operations for IF Pilots to enjoy. All logos are trademark of Finnair. Staff Banners inspired by @Ozzy.



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