Finnair Virtual | Fly Finnish! | Now IFVARB Approved and Recruiting Pilots!

Welcome to Finnair Virtual’s Official Thread!

Finnair Virtual has been recently approved by IFVARB, and we are now taking applications for anyone who wants to fly with us!

Finnair Virtual Airlines was founded by @Hardlanding_Hussain on June the 26th 2020. From that moment on, our growing team has strived to maintain professionalism and worked hard throughout the IFVARB approval period to bring our pilots the best experience.

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Website | Pilot Application | Staff Application

Hello, fellow IFC Members! I’m Hussain, I’m from the country of India, but I live in Kuwait. I purchased Infinite Flight in early February 2020, and now, 6 months later, here I am starting a new VA, this is thanks to the amazing IF community! I’m fairly new to Aviation as well, but since I joined the IFC, I have learned so much about Aviation! Here at AYVA, our goal is to strive for professionalism and friendliness, and make this VA one of the best, if not the best VA in Infinite Flight! So what are you waiting for? Come and Fly Finnish with us!

We use a phpVMS Crew Center for logging flights, pilot stats, and routes.
Finnair Virtual offers more than 200 Finnair destinations, along with more than 400 codeshare routes! To see them in more detail, or search for destinations you want to fly to, click in the link below!

Our fleet consists of modern aircraft, that include but are not limited to:

ATR 72-500 (The Generic Q400 is used in Infinite Flight to represent it)

This aircraft is mainly used for short hops across Finland or some short-haul flights to Europe. Finnair operates 12 of these aircraft. However, this aircraft isn’t in Infinite Flight, therefore it is replaced by the Q400.

Embraer E190 (Generic Livery)

The E190 is mainly used for domestic and short hauls. Finnair operates a total of 12 of these aircraft.

Airbus A319 (Generic Livery)

The A319 is the smallest Airbus plane Finnair operates. Finnair has 8 of these aircraft and uses it for short hauls.

Airbus A320 (Generic Livery)

The A320 is used for short and medium hauls. Finnair currently has 10 of this bird.

Airbus A321

The A321 is mainly used for medium hauls, however, it does sometimes replace the A320 on popular short hauls. Finnair operates a total of 19 of this aircraft.

Boeing 757-200

This aircraft is retired, although we do still use it, It’s routes are categorized as historical, the 757 flies to many exotic destinations!

Airbus A330-300 (Generic Livery)

The A333 is used for long hauls, but sometimes it can operate popular medium hauls too! Finnair has a total of 8 A333s.

Airbus A340-500 (The Generic A346 is used in Infinite Flight to represent it)

Just like the 752, the Finnair Airbus A340-500 is retired, but we still fly it and categorize it’s routes as Historical, the A340 is used for many popular long hauls! There is no A340-500 in Infinite Flight, so we use the Generic A340-600 instead.

Airbus A350-900

This the newest aircraft in our fleet. It is used for long hauls, but sometimes can also operate popular medium hauls. Finnair has a total of 14 A359s.

In addition, our partners have aircraft all the way from Q400s to 747s in their fleet, meaning our pilots can enjoy a massive variety of planes.

This is our Rank Structure, With our system, you can choose from many routes even if you have just joined!

Rank Structure
Rank Hours Needed Aircraft Unlocked
Trainee 0 FIN ATR72, E190, SBI170, ICE DHC8, BAW A318, JLJE170, AAL 175
Charter Second Officer 15 FIN A319, A320, CCA A319, A320, 738, MAS 738, IBE CRJ-1000, A319, AAL CRJ-700, E175, JAL 738, QFA 738, A330, JST 788, BAW A319, ​SBI A319, VTI 738, A320
Charter First Officer 30 FIN 757, A321, SBI A320, A321, LAT A320, IBE A320, AAL A321, QTR A320, HVN A321
Charter Captain 50 FIN A330, QTR A330, MAS A330, CCA A330, ICE 757, ​JAL 767
First Officer 85 FIN A350, HVN A350, B789 QTR A350, CCA 789, LAT A350, ​BAW 772
Captain 120 CCA 77W, BAW 77W, 789, ​LAT 789
Senior Captain 200 BAW 744, CCA 744

Our VA has partnered up with a lot of different VAs in order to give a variety of routes and aircraft for our pilots!


Fly Unlimited

Malaysian Airlines Virtual

Vietnam Virtual

Air China Virtual

American Virtual

Qatar Airways Virtual

Qantas Virtual Group

Senior Management Team

@Hardlanding_Hussain: CEO

Hi! I’m Hussain! I’m from the country of India, but I live in Kuwait, I’m the CEO of Finnair Virtual! I aim to be as friendly, kind, and welcoming as possible to everyone! Feel free to drop me a PM on the IFC! If you wanna know anything about AYVA, wanna have a chat, or have me escort you! (TS &CS only) This was some basic info about me, if you’ve got any questions, ya know what to do!

@That_Guy14 : COO

Hi, I’m Jacob and I’m the COO at Finnair Virtual. I’m a big avgeek and have hopes of being a commercial pilot one day! Some facts about me are: I’m currently working towards my PPL, I live in the United States, and the first time I ever went on a plane was when I was about 5 months old! If you have any questions regarding this VA or just any questions in general, feel free to contact me!

Junior Management Team


Hi! I am William, I am from the UK and joined AYVA in August 2020. I am the flight supervisor here at AYVA which means I will review any flights you have submitted for approval. Irl I am working towards my PPL and I love to do water-sports in my free time. AYVA is a great VA so definitely apply and remember you can always PM me with questions. Bye!

@GBKarp: Mentor and Routes Manager

Hi there! I am Gabriel, but you probably know me as GBKarp. I am an aviation enthusiast, and I want to become a pilot. I am a mentor, so I may be the person who watches you on your practical! In addition, I am an events manager, so the first thread of our next event was probably made by me and the other Events Managers. This VA is amazing, and I’ve loved to be here since the day I joined. Everyone is really cool, and we have a diversity of partners so we have a lot of route options! AYVA is one of the best VAs in existence, and you won’t regret applying!

Our team has decided to use Slack as our communication platform, It has lesser trolls compared to alternatives, easy to use, and has many features!

There are many different VAs out there, and you may be struggling to choose which one.
First of all, we are based in Helsinki, a beautiful coastal city on the spectacular Scandinavian country of Finland. Finland is absolutely stunning and has to be explored more. How many times have you flown in Scandinavia? Have you ever flown across Finland all the way up to the north with domestic hops with the Dash 8? If you have that is awesome, but I would guess most people haven’t, and Finland is a very underrated place!

Secondly, our VA has very kind and cool staff! We all believe being professional is very important, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to have fun! If you join us, you will have a lot of fun, but whilst maintaining our professionalism.

We also host internal events at least once a week to bring our VA together and have fun!

To join our VA, we will have you go through a process where you will take a written test, This system is in place to keep our VA as professional as possible. After you have filled your information on the application form, you will be linked to a Theory Test.

Theory Test
  • This test includes 12 questions about aviation and ATC communication. The passing score will be 8, and you will be contacted via e-mail with your results in a maximum time of 72 hours.

You will be issued your callsign and will be ready to fly!

To join our Virtual Airline, click here!


Must be at least 13 years old

Must be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight

Must have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

Must have access to Slack and be able to maintain maturity there
Able to file At least 1 Flight per Month

Landing/Violation ratio must not be more than 0.25


Finnair Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Finnair Ltd.
All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of Finnair Ltd.
© Finnair Virtual

This thread was created by @tunamkol, @Hardlanding_Hussain and @GBKarp.


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