Finnair to re-start LAX service

Hello forum peeps!

Just recently Finnair have announced that they will be re-starting their EFHK-KLAX Route next year! This route will be operated by the A350xwb as the first North American destination for their A350xwb, and their 5th route to North America (Other 4 being Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.) The Route will be operated 3 times a week starting March 31st 2019. Will you fly on this route? Or will you go spot the aircraft when it touches down at LAX? Let me know in the comments!



Great that they are restarting the route ☺☺☺

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You might want to un blur the link, because when you click it it unblurs (no duh) but you click it again and it re blurs, not travels to the link…

Just saying… 🤷🏻‍♂️


Sorry! Fixed that didn’t realize it did that

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No problem.

About the route, I’d say is is kinda like so? I mean for a major airline to have a flight from a European destination to LAX does not really supreise me, I was more surposed to see it was not a thing for a while…

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They stopped it for a long time but it is very good to see them re-starting it. You’d be surprised how little destinations there is to Europe from LAX. Compared to some other airports

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I will definitely spot it! What did they use when they flew here???

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They use to fly the MD-11 to LAX.

And awesome! Maybe me and you can meet up to spot it!

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