Finnair to Beirut

I have seen a direct flight from Helsinki to Beirut with Finnair but they don’t actually have any direct flights from Finland to Beirut usually. I have seen this happen like twice now. Last month and today. I wanted to know why they fly there very rarely? What’s the point if they won’t have weekly or daily flights? I called the finn air company and asked but I didn’t get a proper answer. The person I was talking to said that they sometimes do flights like that and that they are seasonal? But how can people find these flights because when I try to search for them I don’t get any results.

Do you guys know other companies that do the same? I’m just curious about this that’s why I’m asking. And I actually want to fly to Beirut with Finnair but I can’t find tickets.

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Search up the flight number and maybe it’ll show you when the next flight is, so you can book it. Or if you search up the flight google flights will come up and you can book it from there

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Its probably a charter flight operated for a travel company or something like that. So Finnair won’t sell the seats themselves.

The same happens with the IOM-PMI flight, operated as the BA4549 but you can’t book though BA, you have to book though the travel company.


I wont be surprised about that but because my phones on 4% you need to get to a charger ASAP

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If its seasonal it would be by certain dates… If you looked up anything and didnt find it maybe thats the last day of service? Or just weird lol

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