Finnair Oneworld Airbus A350-900

One of my favourite liveries.

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Nice livery.

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We need the A350!


Yes, we need it!

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Me too! I love the Finn air livery on the a320 and a350, really beautiful!


One world liveries only look good when the fuselage is mostly white in my opinion


Pilots are luck…

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awesome livery.

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I don’t like the A350 but I think the wing tips are so sleek and perfect!

I support this.

Yes! Perfect match ❤️

Total support for this livery!

This is awesome, sleek, simple and stylish…
Yes please

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Love it! Agree with @Ninetales , Oneworld liveries look great on White fuselage! (Exclusion for American Airlines OW Livery).

oneworld livery in A350 looks so catchy somehow tho! Especially in Finnair livery! It’s one of my favourite livery now!

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Bumping this aswell! This A350 (OH-LWB) was the first A350 I flew back in 2016! 😁

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I really would like to see this livery in infinite flight 😊