Finnair (NORRA) ATR-72


Today, I am requesting the Finnair NORRA (Nordic Regional Airlines) ATR-72. I am aware that the ATR-72 is not currently in IF but the feature request for it here on the forum has proved to be very popular and I hope that it gets introduced to the simulator at some point in the near feature.

If this does happen, I hope that the Finnair livery will be added with it.

Some information about the ATR-72

Some information about Finnair

Well first we need the ATR-72 to have this.
It looks like a nice livery though. :)

I addressed that here:

Agreed! Personally I’d rather people commit votes to the ATR feature and THEN this livery as and when we know its coming.

Excited to have the ATR. Sort it out Misha…

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You know my Bias self has to clear a vote😬😂 @anon50451935


Same lol 😂


…Same 😂😂😂

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Such an amazing plane and livery😍 I’ve flown on it before from Rovaniemi to Helsinki, will definitely try to clear a vote…

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I saw few of these beautiful aircraft today when I arrived to EFHK

The raccoon mask makes the livery look so good imo!! If and when the ATR comes, I really hope to get this along with the inicial release of the ATR-72