Finnair, Nordic Countries and Doha

Great news for people living in nordic countries and Qatar!

Finnair has started / will start operating to Doha from four cities in the nordic countries. They are already operating flights from Copehangen and Stockholm to Doha. Helsinki will start about half way through December. The fourth destination is unknown, although, people suspect that it will be Oslo.

All of these flights are / will be operated once a day for at least a few years.

These routes are part of cooperation between Finnair and Qatar both of them being One World members. To my knowledge, Qatar is trying to build some kind of One World base in Doha. If you know more about this, let me know.

All of the flights will be operated by the A330-300, a trusted Finnair workhorse. With the Finnair A330 recently added to IF, why not try these flights out along with the recently started Finnair A330 service from Helsinki to Mumbai😉

As a Finn and a fan of Finnair, I hope this helps them out with their financial situation.

Everything is from a very reliable source, my dad


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