Finnair MD11


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The first finnair MD11 come to use in 1990, whereupon company ordered two MD11 passanger planes. Later finnair ordered more of them and at best there was seven of them in use.MD11 where in use till 2010 and the last flight with it was from Delhi to Helsinki.

Finnairs MD11 fleet has had estimated 400 000 flight hours and at least 14million passangers.

When Finnair stopped using MD11 pilot Rabbe-Holger Wrede praised wistfuly ”his awesome tool” where he had lots of good memoryes.

Finnair is the fifth oldest airline in the world with uninterrupted existence. With no fatal or hull-loss accidents since 1963, Finnair is consistently on the list of safest airlines in the world (#3 in 2014)

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