Finnair MD-11 (Santa Claus Livery)

Finnair - Santa Claus Livery
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Finnair is the flag carrier of Finland starting operations in 1923, and has its headquarters on the grounds of Helsinki Airport. Finnair claims to be a “a network airline specialised in flying passengers and cargo between Asia and Europe.”

Finnair - a member of Oneworld, is the only airline in Northern Europe holding a 4-star Skytrax rating and offers flights to over 70 destinations within Europe, 17 to Asia, and 4 to the United States. They are the 6th oldest airline in the world that is still in operation, with a current fleet of 81 aircraft including 11 Airbus A350s. In 2007 their long-haul fleet modernisation was initiated by ordering several new Airbus A330 and A340 wide-body aircraft to replace the old MD-11 fleet.

Livery & Aircraft

In 1984, Finnair flew in the livery of Santa Claus, and the company would become “The Official Carrier of Santa Claus” four years later. This livery was painted to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, and will definitely catch your gaze with the iconic painting of Santa on the fuselage.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is a three engine, wide-body jet, distinctively with its third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer. The MD-11 was produced between 1988-2000, and is still in service today, primarily as cargo aircraft. The first MD-11 delivered went to Finnair on December 7, 1990. This aircraft accomplished its first revenue service on December 20, 1990, between Helsinki and Tenerife.

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As of 2015, Finnair painted one of its Airbus A321s with a special livery which you can see here, and track on Flight Radar 24 here. You can also check out Finnair & Santa’s secret video here.

Check out the Md-11/Dc-10 tracking thread here for the latest updates.

I think the Finnair Santa Claus livery would make a great addition to the MD-11, and would be great for flying around Northern Europe. I would love to hear your opinions, or ideas, and don’t forget to drop a vote, and comment below :)

I love it!! I would fly this livery everyday (Especially during Christmas!)


Wow! I’m loving Santa’s new ride!

How many presents do you think he can fit on that thing?


Haha, not necesraily new, but it sure looks better than his sleigh. If only the MD-11 came equipped with reindeers also xD


This looks great! IF needs more special livery’s imo!


Yea, he probably bought it used from Finnair. Looks like he hasn’t finished repainting it yet…


With the holidays coming soon, it would be lovely to see a special livery to suit the time of year and this would make a fantastic addition.

I’d love to read more of your responses: does it look good/bad and why? What would you change about it? Do you think it’s not needed and why? If it were added, what routes would you fly with it, or where would you take photos with it? Any questions or comments, leave them below (-:

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I love this! We need it on the MD11! :)


I love modern liveries on old planes. Especially the trijets.


Ho ho ho! look at that mighty livery. It looks… naughty. 😂


“I heard the engines on Christmas morning”…… Love that livery! Especially on the MD-11! I’ll vote just hold on a sec.

Edit: Voted!


I would imagine a lot for me.


Well guys…let’s face it. The 20th/21st century Santa is now a Finn. He can fly an MD-11 so too-da-loo reindeer, Rudolph included. And Santa is giving gifts to people who vote on this aircraft only. It’s the new way of doing Christmas, and probably fuel efficient for Santa also.


Haha, maybe he should replace the engines with reindeer to keep the Christmas spirit

Oh, and he can’t forget the sleigh bells, or in this case, plane bells


Things needed:

  1. bells (engines)

  2. Notin else


Thanks for all the votes and responses. I’m glad to see other users enjoy this unique livery as well.


Ah! The spirit of Christmas is nearing! Never knew this magnificent livery existed! Great post, definitely needed on IF.

PS:- Christmas is also my birthday so, yay!


@schyllberg would love this! 😜


Omg I love this!!! You got my vote!

Would love to fly it for there hub in Helsinki to my hometown of Charlotte!!


Thank you everyone for all the votes this request has gotten so far. I know all of your votes are valuable, and it’s amazing to see we could get over 10 for this livery.

-Moosehead :-)

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