Finnair MD-11 Moomin Livery. 1990 - 2010

Hi all good everyone, I found a picture of the MD-11 that has Finnair Moomin Livery, just one kept open now Can I help the topic?

Finnair MD-11 (OH-LGB) special “Moomin Livery” scheme. I saw a check on the internet for Google information also Finnair OH-LGB “Moomin” both sides right normal and left different the paint reflect the picture, too.

Finnair MD-11 (7) series December 7, 1990 - February 22, 2010 transferred to Nordic Global Airlines “Cargo” and now retired found April 11, 2011 to ceased last on May 31, 2015.

Credit Photo from Der Kölner. Date: August 20, 2006.
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFHK/HEL).
Finnair (OH-LGB) MD-11 “Moomin”.

Finnair MD-11 the story History.
It checks for Google information also Finnair (7) MD-11 history.

Finnair (7) series MD-11:

Engines: 3 x GE CF6-80C2D1F.

  1. OH-LGA: December 12, 1990 to April 1, 1995 transferred to Garuda (OH-LGA) to June 11, 1995 then again back to Finnair (OH-LGA) next the last until July 11, 2009 transferred to World Airways (N270WA) - stored August 2012

  2. OH-LGB: December 12, 1991 to stored January 2010 - Stored at EFHK/HEL September 2010. Transferred to World Airways (N269WA) from December 1, 2010 to stored April 2012 scrapped.

  3. OH-LGC: February 19, 1993 to stored November 2008 - Coverted to Freighter April 2010. Transferred to Nordic Global Airlines (OH-OGC) MD-11F from September 5, 2011 to ceased operations May 2015. The last to Western Global Airlines (N512JN) October 1, 2015 to Parked since July 2021.

  4. OH-LGD: April 1, 1994 to stored May 2009 - Back in service January 2011 - Coverted to freighter January 2011. Transferred to Nordic Global Airlines (OH-LGD) MD-11F August 4, 2011 to ceased operations May 2015. The last to Western Global Airlines (N513SN) - Active.

  5. OH-LGG MD-11(ER) to (ERF): First Garuda (PK-GIK) December 19, 1996 to second Varig (PP-VQI) September 11, 1998 to ret to lessor October 2005. Third to Finnair (OH-LGG) November 12, 2005 to Stored March 2010 as N785BC - Converted to freighter November 2010. The last fourth to FedEx Express (N625FE) December 7, 2010 - Active.

  6. OH-LGF: First McDonnell Douglas (N6203U) March 1, 1996 then second to CityBird (OO-CTB) December 9, 1996 to Stored at Victorville October 2, 2002 as P4-BDL named: Albatros. Third to Finnair (OH-LGF) June 6, 2004 to Stored January 2010 as N783BC (BCC). The last forth to CargoItalia (EI-EMS) June 4, 2010 to Ceased operations December 21, 2011 Isd from Boeing Capital Corp stored as N460BC.

  7. OH-LGE: First Sabena (OO-CTC) Last passenger-carrying MD-11 built April 16, 1998 to second CityBird (OO-CTC) March 1, 2001 to stored as P4-SWN. Third to Finnair (OH-LGE) February 21, 2003 to stored April 2009 as N588BC. The last forth Ethiopian Airlines Cargo (ET-AND) MD-11F September 18, 2009 to Stored February 2015 as N545BC (BBC) then scrapped end of 2017.

If you would like a picture for Finnair MD-11 “Moomin” scheme have fun and you just want to vote also join a new game on IF in the future very enjoy having fun!

Any questions on your comment with us, please. Thank you.

He had old written a letter scrolls by topic, last 5 years ago on IFC.
Finnair McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Moomin Livery

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Thank you. Dang, next we will vote any time soon. Sadly, I’m out of vote.


I have made a request for the MD-11’s newer and older liveries


Oh, I see and yes. I have a few more the MD-11 (pax) both livery, old and new, too for other airlines.


There is the newer one

And there is the older one


Also, I saw a check on the internet for Google information about the Finnair MD-11 livery, both old and new had many times special schemes to expect paint both sides right and left for Christmas and Moomin separate 7 lists different registration the same.


Credit Photo from NRT Spotter. Date: September 20, 2006.
Tokyo Narita Airport (RJAA/NRT).

Finnair (OH-LGB) MD-11 “Moomin” it left sides the paint was a very nice.

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The livery with the moomins is really nice :)
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Hi man, Thank you.

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