Finnair MD-11 livery

Hi! I only found an old, closed topic for this so I’m making a new one. Here is a picture of it:

Credits to google images

I would like to see this livery because I live in Finland and it’s the airline I use the most. Also because I’m part of AYVA and at least I would want to fly the MD-11 routes with the real livery.

MD-11 is a very important part of Finnair’s history. It could fly 12 633 kilometers with 298 passengeers so it was a good airplane to fly to Asia from Finland. Finnair was the lauchcustomer of the MD-11. Finnair operated 7 MD-11s alltogether. Finnair also operated a few cargo versions of MD-11, but that’s a different request.

So, if you like it, please drop a vote!

Thank you for checking this out!!

@GBKarp I think you will like this.

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I was here

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Yep, I don’t think we have much Finnair liveries in the game right now! Especially after the removal of the Finnair on the 757

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I am afraid that IF won’t make any new older liveries because they already deleted Finnairs 757 livery.

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That might be true😪. We still have a lot of old liveries especially on the MD-11 though.

Ja tervetuloa IFC:hen!!


The B757 is coming back!! I hope we can get the MD livery soon too

Yeah, I hope so too :)


You get my vote!



You love this Finnair MD-11 posted a page on Twitter.

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