Finnair McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Moomin Livery

Does this picture intrigue you? It does for me.

  • I like this plane/livery
  • I don’t like this plane/livery
  • It’s OK
  • Other (Comment Below)

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When they add other tri-jets this will be a great livery.

You spelt McDonnell Douglas wrong so I fixed it.

The livery is pretty good, the MD-11 is awesome.

This aircraft is such a beauty. Much like a vintage Jaguar E type; it stays classy with age. I do wish the developers consider adding it in the near future.

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Well, I think it is clear! Devs could you please add the MD-11

@The_Greatest_Basket, thank you for correcting the title!

You’re welcome!

This plane is so highly requested, I’m surprised it’s not in the game yet lol!

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The only problem is that it is retired!