Finnair DC-10

I have searched muiltiple times and I did not find a duplicate. I apologize if I missed one. I think this livery would be great for IF! The old finnair livery is very retro and has a nice color!
Finnair used DC-10s and md11s from 1986 to 2007 to replace them with the A330 and A340 family. Finnair used DC-10s for Medium-long haul routes and provided a lot of efficiency with this aircraft. What do you think?

not my photo

How about providing info on the airline, fleet and where the DC-10 used to fly for Finnair? And remember to vote for your own request ;)


Sorry I’m at my limit. But I’ll try to get some info


We need this to infiniteflight!

This thing flew all the way to the West Coast; KLAX and KSFO!

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