Finnair Airbus A350-900

Taken at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, Credits to Tim Bowrey

Finnair (Finnish: Finnair Oyj, Swedish: Finnair Abp) is the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland, with its headquarters in Vantaa and its main hub at Helsinki Airport. Finnair and its subsidiaries dominate both domestic and international air travel in Finland. Its major shareholder is the government of Finland, with 55.8% of the shares. Finnair is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance. In 2015, it transported over 10 million passengers to over 60 European, 13 Asian and 4 North-American destinations. At the end of 2016, the airline employed 4,937 people.

Finnair is the fifth oldest airline in the world with uninterrupted existence. With no fatal or hull-loss accidents since 1963, Finnair is consistently on the list of safest airlines in the world (#3 in 2014)

######Source from Wikipedia

Finnair’s fleet compromises of 50 active Airbus aircrafts with 14 currently on order from 3 different Aircraft Families (Airbus A320 Family, Airbus A350, and Airbus A330)

#Active Fleet

  • 8 Airbus A319-100
  • 10 Airbus A320-200
  • 15 Airbus A321-200
  • 8 Airbus A330-300
  • 9 Airbus A350-900 (10 on order)

######Source from Airfleets

#Airbus A350-900
Finnair was the first European operator of the Airbus A350, after deliveries commenced in October 2015 with orders placed at 8 March 2007 with riginal order for 11 A350-900s and later 8 more aircraft converted from options to orders on 3 December 2014.

Finnair has planned to retire older Airbus A340 aircraft by the end of 2017 and replace them with brand new A350 aircraft. Finnair has modified its previous fleet plan to retire two of Airbus A330 aircraft, which was established in 2014. The 2016 fleet plan now involves keeping its A330 fleet as its A350s are delivered, rather than withdrawing two of them in 2017, and shall retire those aircraft in the 2020s at the earliest.

In the beginning of 2017, Finnair revealed its plans to add more seats to Airbus A350 aircraft. Finnair’s new A350 aircraft will have 32 seats in Business Class, 42 seats in Economy Comfort Class, 262 in Economy Class and total of 336 seats. This new seat configuration will be used on airline’s routes from Helsinki to Bangkok, Beijing and Seoul.

Currently, Finnair’s A350-900 has served 7 destinations as following :

  • Shanghai
  • Bangkok
  • Hong Kong
  • London Heathrow
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo Narita
  • Seoul
  • Ho Chi Minh (Future, Seasonal)
  • Osaka Kansai (Future)
  • Puerto Vallarta (Future, Seasonal (eff 09/11/2017))
  • Havana (Future, Seasonal (eff 01/12/2017))
  • Krabi (Future, eff 29/10/2017)
  • Phuket (Future, eff 29/10/2017)

with 9 Airbus A350-900s in operation :

  • OH-LWA (Leased from GECAS)
  • OH-LWB (Leased from Avolon)
  • OH-LWC
  • OH-LWD
  • OH-LWE
  • OH-LWF
  • OH-LWG
  • OH-LWH (Leased from GECAS)
  • OH-LWI

######Source from Airfleets, Wikipedia, SQTalk, and A350 Production

OH-LWA is the first Airbus A350-941 to enter service with Finnair aswell the first A350 delivered to an European carrier. The plane had it’s first flight at 16/09/2015 as F-WZFM/MSN18 (1. 8 Years as 26th June 2017) and delivered at 07/10/2015. The plane is equipped with 2 x RR Trent XWB engines. The plane is using Finnair’ A350 configuration

  • 46 Business Class Seats
  • 43 Economy Comfort Seats
  • 208 Economy Seats

Click Here for Seatmap

######Source from Airfleets and SeatGuru

Im living in finland and i didnt know that finnair is fifth oldest airline in world.
(Thanks for new info)


Doesn’t Finnair have ERJs? Or is it some sort of Finnair Express?


I believe they have transferred it to (Nordic Regional Airlines) N°RRA. In Wikipedia, it says that the ATR and Embraer still exist. But it’s a different story on the Airfleets website


Well, but I have seen Finnair ERJs on FR24…


Their E-190s are still using Finnair’s livery from what I see


Oh ok so it basically is a Finnair Express.

Great livery btw! Shame the A350 lost the poll last year. If it had won, this would definitely have my vote!


Yup! Maybe we should wait longer to see these beauties on IF 😢


the a350 is not even in game yet


Not true. I’ve been on the Erj from St Petersburg to Helsinki and the planes are pained into full white colour with no livery, but have Norra/Finnair interior.


I think one of them is white but they are mostly Norra liveried. The embraers are all finnair liveried but operated by norra.


How recent is your picture? I’ve been on that route around September 2016. They might’ve painted their ATRs since then, if so I stand corrected.

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From two weeks ago. I have photos of about 4/5 other norra ATRs from recent months and they are all in Norra livery too.

Also been on and seen the embraers in recent weeks and seen then passing through HEL, they are in finnair livery. The embraers have finnair interiors.


An absolute must have. Any livery on the a350 is amazing. Too bad I am at my limit for the likes :(


Just everything about it makes it look so sleek 💨


I think before we go requesting new plane liveries, we should actually request the type of plane first.


I like this livery a lot especially the One World one.

@dylonez the A350 is already requested by the person that made this request. You should search before posting.


Indeed! Finnair’s livery is among my favourite liveries in A359 besides Singapore Airlines, it would be nice to have it ❤

@Aussie_Wombat A350 is soo sleek imho ❤. No wonder it looks pretty to me 😊


Here is the link for the one in oneworld livery 😉. It looks awesome in my opinion ❤✈


You know you can still vote for a livery not in IF for it to be there once the plane is there right?