Finnair Airbus A320

No polls please


Never requested :o

It is a duplicate but the other topic is nearly a year old so feel free to continue :)

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Oh yeah, just found it.

I think this is fine.


OMG this plane is AWESOME!!! loool sorry

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This Topic is very old, I guess a mod will close the old one :)

This one is requesting specifically the A320 in Finnair livery so there is no problem🤗 I like this livery.

I love the livery.

You can fly a Finnair A321 for free.

True, but you can’t fly the A320. ;)

Perfect to do short flights throughout Europe and Scandinavia. :)

Yup! I would get to do EFIV (My local airport) - EFHK with this.

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If this ever comes the registration must be OH-LXD because it says XD in the front gear then. xD

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Didn’t know I gave a like to this lol…looks nice anyway!


Would be a nice plane

Yeah it would. 👍

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I always love Finnair liveries! Looks so simple but elegant.

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Nice livery and good photograph

Bumping this as I’m going to be flying this next week ! OSL HEL got my vote this is a stunning livery !!! Clean and simple done the Nordic way!!!

As the A321, which is the only aircraft to have the current Finnair livery, then we have to think about adding the Finnair livery to the A320, as well as the A319.