Finnair A359 Photoshoot!

So yesterday me and @DeccyB decided to do a Photoshoot with a Finnair A359, here’s how the photos turned out! Enjoy!


Server? Causal
Aircraft? Finnair A359
Route? MUHA-N/A
Editor? Phtoshop Express
Flight Time? 0:47
Hotel? Trivago

Parked at the gate, the A350s are worried if they’ll survive their Pilot’s abuse or not.

The Photoshoot begins…

So far so good

Just Vibin’

This picture…is Deep

Which one is your favourite?

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Thank you for checking this topic out! Here’s a Chocolate bar 🍫


Some brilliant pictures there! Definitely worth looking through them.

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Awesome P I C T U R E S mate! I loved number 3!

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Thank you Guys!

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Some awesome pics mate!

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Love it! Especially number 3

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image 4 is one of the best screenshots ever made on the IFC imo

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Thank you!!

Glad you liked it!

Aww, thanks!


you’re welcome! really outstanding to be honest

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That makes me really happy!

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Also guys stay tuned this was part of film for finnair virtual 😉