Finnair A350-900 Marimekko Special Livery

Hello! I have already made requests about the A340-300, and the A330-300 marimekko liveries, but not for the A350-900 marimekko livery, so here it is. I would like to see the marimekko livery for Finnair A350-900 soon. It is a cool livery honoring a famous Finnish company. Here is a picture of it:

That is from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Source:
I only voted for the request about the A330-300 marimekko livery because I think it looks the best. Here are the links to the A330, and A340 topics:
Finnair A340-300 Marimekko Special Livery
Finnair A330-300 Special Marimekko Livery
Hope to see this in IF soon!

Hey, make sure you don’t break the rule of any more than 3 feature category post a day. Love what you are doing.

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Hey, we’ve got an existing topic for this livery here:

Great livery though, saw it in Hong Kong once.


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll flag it.

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