Finnair A350-900 (Marimekko Kivet Livery)

Ahem… clearing throat… Contradicting, Right? 🧐

Just my 0.02 cents on this and the livery. The major advantage of posting livery request before the aircraft itself being announced or released is, that we get to express ou, opinions and thoughts regarding the livery and that will give the devs and pretty rough idea of it’s popularity among us users, and also how they should prioritize it/consider it in comparison to other liveries we have in mind/discuss about or they have in mind of adding :)

On a different note, this livery is really beautiful, with blue spots on the back, giving it a very unique feel to it, I must say and I would love to see it added with the launch of the A350 in the future!


Sorry, Don’t only highlight what you want to see. You can clearly see what I meant as joke we can’t have all this livery request without a350 confirmed, then also I asked why can’t all the similar request goes into same thread, and I clearly got answer for that too, Thanks ;) … let’s move on.

4 votes already, keep them coming! 😃

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Agree with this!
The logic of requesting liveries for an aircraft we don’t have, escapes me completely.

read the posts above.

how do the dev’s know what liveries we want when they are developing the plane if we don’t request those liveries?! so you prefer the devs to release random liveries upon release and then people will demand reworks cause many liveries were missing?

what I don’t understand is your logic LOL

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Perhaps livery suggestions could be added here?

nope only one request per a feature Topic is allowed, the rework topic can’t be used to request liveries. and every single livery must be requested separately like you can’t request two liveries in one topic,.


It is ok to create a separate topic to request a livery for an airline even if the aircraft doesn’t yet exist in the game :)
I found a Finnair MD-11 request made back in Sep 2016, however the MD-11 was released in Dec 2017.

I also found a Finnair A340-300 livery request but we only have as of now the A340-600 in the game.

Let’s get back to topic and just admire this livery and we will see if this livery gets added or not in the future! 😃


Its a good looking livery in my opinion!

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Definitely my favorite Finnair livery together with the Finnair A350 Oneworld livery :)
I have seen this livery in real life and it’s beautiful!

@mgm_mj, @azeeuwnl, Can I request for Airbus Beluga XL livery? I reckon one day it will come out on IF. So if I request now it will certainly help developers what livery fans like? i think you completely missing the point when we say we need aircrafts, yes it will be avilable but not bombarded with 80 livery requests. If you go through all the livery requests all has 2…3 votes each, I m not sure how much that helps dev.

take that complain to a mod i am not the boss here, tell them that you and few other people are bothered by A350 livery requests and hope the mob close those topics if they are unnecessary .

or maybe take the discussion here:

we’re going off-topic since this thread is made for Marimekko Kivet Livery.

Since I am low on how many times I can vote, I hope this livery will come into IF. Actually looks extraordinary!

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Bumping this as the A350 has been confirmed! 😁 👍

Also for me the most beautiful of ALL A350 liveries. I hope to see it on IF. You have my vote for it.

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Thank you so much! 🙂 It is indeed a beautiful livery! 👍

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Yes! we need it. but we dont have enough votes

my own pic of kivet:


What a beautiful pic! 😮👍 At which airport were you spotting at? 🤔
I agree, we need more votes so we need to keep this thread active! 🙂👍

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At Helsinki - Vantaa


If this doesn’t get added I shall cry for a week and video it and post on youtube