Finnair A350-900 (Marimekko Kivet Livery)


Photographer: Jukka Hemilä
OH-LWL | Airbus A350-941 | Finnair | Jukka Hemil | JetPhotos

Why I would like this

The livery is absolutely gorgeous on this aircraft in my opinion. It would be a really nice livery when the A350 is released in the future. IF currently has the Finnair A321 and the old Finnair livery on the Boeing 757-200 which is retired and got replaced by the A321 so an A350 livery like this would be a nice addition to do long-haul flights with.

Aircraft info

Age: 1.6 years old (delivered in Sep 2017)
Registration: OH-LWL (11th A350 in the fleet)

About Finnair

Finnair is the flagship carrier of Finland and ranked as the best airline in Northern Europe. Finnair was founded back in 1923 as Aero Oy. Currently now Finnair has 70 aircraft in its fleet or 82 if you also include the 12 ATRs’ in its subsidary Norra (or Nordic Regional Airlines). Finnair is a member of oneworld. Finnair mostly operates in Europe and Finland. Asia is the biggest customer when it comes to Finnair. The airline has most of the long-haul destinations to countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore etc. Finnair also flies to North America, including USA and several seasonal destinations such as Mexico and Cuba.

A350 Order

Finnair currently has 14 A350s’ with another 5 on order to be delivered. Finnair was also the first airline in Europe to receive the A350 and third customer airline in the world after Qatar Airways and Vietnam Airlines.

If you would like to see this livery in the future, be sure to vote! 😃

First we need aircraft… I don’t think we can float around with livery alone.

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I agree, this is just a topic for the future! :)
I couldn’t find a duplicate for this specific livery on this aircraft.

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I feel you bro, you looking at the future.

you can create livery requests before the aircraft is added,.

take a look at the number of requests for A350 liveries made already, if its against the rules those topics would have been close by now.

I’m not saying he can’t, Dev can look what livery ppl likes most. And he may not researched all livery…I’m just saying, never ending a350 requests.

thats the thing you can’t request in the A350 Topic itself you have to make a separate Topic for every single livery request and sure there’s gonna be many requests,.


You sure all this livery request can’t go into one thread?

i have seen some people request a livery in the A350 Topic and they have been advised to make a separate thread for a livery request, same with the a330 rework topic you can’t request a livery there you have to make a separate topic for it.

but if you mean a single Topic for multiple liveries?! thats a good idea but i don’t know if there’s any!

I think even if ppl make good posts with in thread…the msg gets lost with many livery and many comments. Maybe that’s why. Got it now👍

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You cannot have more than one request per thread.


I will leave a vote IF the A350 is confirmed:)

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Wow. Amazing livery. I didn’t know about it.

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It is amazing indeed!

This livery looks great!

Why are there so many circles at the back?

Ahem… clearing throat… Contradicting, Right? 🧐

Just my 0.02 cents on this and the livery. The major advantage of posting livery request before the aircraft itself being announced or released is, that we get to express ou, opinions and thoughts regarding the livery and that will give the devs and pretty rough idea of it’s popularity among us users, and also how they should prioritize it/consider it in comparison to other liveries we have in mind/discuss about or they have in mind of adding :)

On a different note, this livery is really beautiful, with blue spots on the back, giving it a very unique feel to it, I must say and I would love to see it added with the launch of the A350 in the future!


Sorry, Don’t only highlight what you want to see. You can clearly see what I meant as joke we can’t have all this livery request without a350 confirmed, then also I asked why can’t all the similar request goes into same thread, and I clearly got answer for that too, Thanks ;) … let’s move on.

4 votes already, keep them coming! 😃

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Agree with this!
The logic of requesting liveries for an aircraft we don’t have, escapes me completely.

read the posts above.

how do the dev’s know what liveries we want when they are developing the plane if we don’t request those liveries?! so you prefer the devs to release random liveries upon release and then people will demand reworks cause many liveries were missing?

what I don’t understand is your logic LOL

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