Finnair A333 thread

Hello! This is just a heads up. @Pilot_Aaltonen is putting him self on the line for the Finnair A330-300. He made a vote that included many routes from Finnair’s base, EFHK. He said that he will fly the most voted route EVERY day for TWO moths with the Finnair A330!😱 Of course this will happen only if the Finnair livery comes to IF on update that the A330 is reworked.

So go vote for the route that @Pilot_Aaltonen should fly.😁

And at the same time you’re there, you can also check out the request😉.

At least I hope to see @Pilot_Aaltonen in the skies on the Finnair A330 after the rework, and I hope you do too!

Here is a link to the vote and the feature request thread:


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Keep in mind the A330 will not come out in the 21.1 update, however you can reference a list of confirmed features in the upcoming update on the official 21.1 tracking thread.


Wait, true! I’ll fix that. Thanks for that!

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Good news, the Finnair livery is confirmed to come out on the B757. So that is a start


Yeap, I’ve heard about that!

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Yup, and to make this happen (= keeping me in the skies for 2 months every single day and really testing how much my iPad can handle lol) - make sure to vote for the livery in the thread ;) and naturally vote in the poll for route I shall fly daily with the reworked A333.

No need to create a topic about a topic