Finnair A330-300 Special Marimekko Livery

Hello! I know that there is a feature request for the Finnair A330-300, but I’m not specifically requesting that.

Finland is famous for its Marimekko clothing, dishes, etc. and Finnair has put the famous flower pattern into it’s long-haul aircrafts. Here is an example:

This is the marimekko livery for the A330-300. There is one for A340-300 (which retired) and for A350-900. I have personally flown the A330 marimekko livery a few times and it looks really cool. I can’t remember if I’ve flown the A340 one but not the A350 one.

I think that this would be a cool addition to IF because of the special livery and it would make people fly the Finnair liveries more. I have noticed that not many people fly the Finnair planes. I would also want the A330-300 Finnair livery added because Finnair uses a lot of them in their normal basis. I hope to see all of the Marimekko liveries, all of the missing Finnair liveries, and some planes that Finnair flies, that are not in IF, added soon.

I made requests about the A340, and A350 marimekko liveries too:

Looks nice 👍.

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Can’t believe that this hasn’t been posted before… Its a beautiful livery, one of my favourites in fact. Got a model of her too ;)

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Very nice ! What does Marimekko mean ?

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Mari is a girl’s name in Finnish and mekko means dress in Finnish.

I was surprised that no one had made one yet too!

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“2-3 in a day”

It’s fine as long as they don’t make any more today

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I know that rule and that’s why I posted this one a day before the other two marimekko ones that I posted

Thanks ! I’ve never flown on the Finnish carrier but I love the esthetics of the airline.