Finnair A319 Retro livery "Silver Bird"

Hi all!

Just imagine this metallic Silver Bird flying across the skies and reflecting the rays of IF Sun. Today I am requesting this retro livery to be added for the A319 to further expand the selection of liveries on this little bird.

OH-LVE is the only one with this specific livery in modern fleet. It operated in Finnair fleet from August 2002 to June 2012 and was painted in retro-livery from July 2008 to the day it was returned back to leasing company.


Photo credit: John Mooney / Flickr OH-LVE group.

MSN/Line | 1791
Aircraft Type | A319-112
Engine Type | 2x CFM56-5B6/P
Test Registration | D-AVYS
Production Site | 🇩🇪 Hamburg, DE
Age of Aircraft | 19 y 1 m (Aug 2002)

I hope you support this livery and will hit the “vote” button - <3 !

Very nice pics. Sorry, unfortunately, please no one best your picture someone the pick up remove important.

Have a good day in the evening.


Heyo. It’s a nice livery, but like @amaryahjohnson1996 only one pic is allowed. Please follow the #features format.


Thanks for the remarks, the two other photos were now removed ;)

Didn’t know that existed, silver looks nice. One of the few times an airbus plane looks nice.


Yeah, the metallic skin would look lovely in IF. 🤩

As being one of the oldest still operating airlines Finnair will turn 100 years in 1st November 2023. Who knows this Convair Metropolitan livery will inspire also other Finnair aircrafts to be painted like OH-LVE was for the upcoming significant milestone of 100 years.

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Absolutely beautiful livery, I may clear up a vote for this. But even if I don’t I still support this livery 100%, it’s absolutely stunning!

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I agree, it is a one pretty livery. The livery from the 1950’s definitely beats the Euro-White liveries we see today so much :D

Think about the metallic silver skin reflecting the Sun in IF…

Photo credit: MJ2010 / Flickr OH-LVE group.


OH-LVE - ”Oh Love” at Berlin EDDT ✨

Photo credit: Airplane pictures /Peter K


Same livery spotted today on DC3 above my home city 😍


To keep the request buzzing I’ll be flying whole AY short haul network with the A319 and edit this table accordingly as I proceed ;)

Destination ICAO Route Aircraft Date and Landing Time Fuel used
Amsterdam EHAM EFHK-EHAM A319 01Sep21 07:38Z 4442kg
Helsinki EFHK EHAM-EFHK A319 01Sep21 10:10Z 4769kg
Copenhagen EKCH EFHK-EKCH A319 01Sep21 11:50Z 3443kg
Helsinki EFHK EKCH-EFHK A319 01Sep21 13:25Z 3068kg
Vienna LOWW EFHK-LOWW A319 01Sep21 15:33Z 4539kg
Helsinki EFHK LOWW-EFHK A319 01Sep21 17:50Z 4816kg
Manchester EGCC EFHK-EGCC A319 02Sep21 16:14Z 5413kg
Helsinki EFHK EGCC-EFHK A319 02Sep21 18:48Z 5510kg
Gothenburg ESGG EFHK-ESGG A319 03Sep21 07:47Z 3280kg
Helsinki EFHK ESGG-EFHK A319 03Sep21 09:01Z 2615kg
Riga EVRA EFHK-EVRA A319 03Sep21 09:58Z 1964kg
Helsinki EFHK EVRA-EFHK A319 03Sep21 10:51Z 1747kg
Tromsø ENTC EFHK-ENTC A319 03Sep21 12:50Z 3665kg
Helsinki EFHK ENTC-EFHK A319 03Sep21 15:15Z 3798kg
Budapest LHBP EFHK-LHBP A319 04Sep21 10:01Z 4109kg
Helsinki EFHK LHBP-EFHK A319 05Sep21 10:10Z 4918kg
St Petersburg ULLI EFHK-ULLI A319 05Sep21 12:28Z 1795kg
Helsinki EFHK ULLI-EFHK A319 05Sep21 14:25Z 1593kg
Venice LIPZ EFHK-LIPZ A319 05Sep21 17:35Z 5305kg
Helsinki EFHK LIPZ-EFHK A319 06Sep21 09:26Z 5722kg
München EDDM EFHK-EDDM A319 06Sep21 17:19Z 4809kg
Helsinki EFHK EDDM-EFHK A319 06Sep21 19:45Z 5086kg
Brussels EBBR EFHK-EBBR A319 07Sep21 16:37Z 4913kg
Helsinki EFHK EBBR-EFHK A319 07Sep21 19:06Z 5023kg
Hamburg EDDH EFHK-EDDH A319 08Sep21 06:07Z 3985kg
Helsinki EFHK EDDH-EFHK A319 08Sep21 08:04Z 3987kg
Paris LFPG EFHK-LFPG A319 08Sep21 12:42Z 5980kg
Helsinki EFHK LFPG-EFHK A319 08Sep21 15:52Z 5552kg
Oslo ENGM EFHK-ENGM A319 09Sep21 06:55Z 2951kg
Helsinki EFHK ENGM-EFHK A319 09Sep21 08:33Z 2902kg
Antalya LTAI EFHK-LTAI A319 09Sep21 13:41Z 8373kg
Helsinki EFHK LTAI-EFHK A319 09Sep21 17:31Z 8194kg
Reykjavik BIKF EFHK-BIKF A319 10Sep21 08:57Z 8195kg
Helsinki EFHK BIKF-EFHK A319 10Sep21 12:14Z 7508kg
Ivalo EFIV EFHK-EFIV A319 10Sep21 16:21Z 3601kg
Helsinki EFHK EFIV-EFHK A319 10Sep21 18:30Z 3396kg
Edinburgh EGPH EFHK-EGPH A319 10Sep21 21:25Z 6896kg
Helsinki EFHK EGPH-EFHK A319 11Sep21 14:37Z 5461kg
Innsbrück LOWI EFHK-LOWI A319 11Sep21 17:39Z 5696kg
Helsinki EFHK LOWI-EFHK A319 12Sep21 08:40Z 5406kg
Gdansk EPGD EFHK-EPGD A319 12Sep21 18:16Z 3164kg
Helsinki EFHK EPGD-EFHK A319 13Sep21 05:16Z 3167kg
Rome LIRF EFHK-LIRF A319 13Sep21 09:07Z 7449kg
Helsinki EFHK LIRF-EFHK A319 14Sep21 08:53Z 7779kg
Frankfurt EDDF EFHK-EDDF A319 14Sep21 19:02Z 5635kg
Helsinki EFHK EDDF-EFHK A319 14Sep21 21:44Z 5284kg
Warsaw EPWA EFHK-EPWA A319 15Sep21 15:58Z 3611kg
Helsinki EFHK EPWA-EFHK A319 15Sep21 17:33Z 3881kg
Milan LIMC EFHK-LIMC A319 16Sep21 08:02Z 7068kg
Helsinki EFHK LIMC-EFHK A319 16Sep21 12:06Z 5921kg
Turku LIMC EFHK-EFTU A319 16Sep21 15:25Z 1062kg
Helsinki EFHK EFTU-EFHK A319 16Sep21 18:42Z 1072kg
Moscow UUEE EFHK-UUEE A319 16Sep21 20:10Z 3156kg
Helsinki EFHK UUEE-EFHK A319 17Sep21 06:35Z 3730kg
Lisbon LPPT EFHK-LPPT A319 17Sep21 11:31Z 10575kg
Helsinki EFHK LPPT-EFHK A319 17Sep21 16:19Z 10556kg
Dublin EIDW EFHK-EIDW A319 18Sep21 09:01Z 6541kg
Helsinki EFHK EIDW-EFHK A319 18Sep21 14:36Z 6586kg
Barcelona LEBL EFHK-LEBL A319 19Sep21 12:14Z 7168kg
Helsinki EFHK LEBL-EFHK A319 19Sep21 15:52Z 7860kg
Kittilä EFKT EFHK-EFKT A319 19Sep21 21:47Z 3307kg
Helsinki EFHK EFKT-EFHK A319 20Sep21 14:23Z 3472kg
London EGLL EFHK-EGLL A319 20Sep21 17:13Z 5728kg
Helsinki EFHK EGLL-EFHK A319 21Sep21 08:38Z 6422kg
Eilat LLER EFHK-LLER A319 22Sep21 16:42Z 15088kg
Helsinki EFHK LLER-EFHK A319 23Sep21 10:18Z 10800kg
Tallinn EETN EFHK-EETN A319 23Sep21 16:14Z 1362kg
Helsinki EFHK EETN-EFHK A319 23Sep21 16:42Z 1309kg
Stuttgart EDDS EFHK-EDDS A319 23Sep21 20:24Z 5906kg
Helsinki EFHK EDDS-EFHK A319 24Sep21 07:44Z 6099kg
Berlin EDDB EFHK-EDDB A319 24Sep21 12:58Z 3718kg
Helsinki EFHK EDDB-EFHK A319 24Sep21 16:44Z 4311kg
Düsseldorf EDDL EFHK-EDDL A319 24Sep21 19:56Z 4876kg
Helsinki EFHK EDDL-EFHK A319 25Sep21 14:10Z 5082kg
Nice LFMN EFHK-LFMN A319 25Sep21 18:15ZZ 7498kg
Helsinki EFHK LFMN-EFHK A319 26Sep21 09:04Z 6522kg
Billund EKBI EFHK-EKBI A319 26Sep21 13:10Z 3970kg
Helsinki EFHK EKBI-EFHK A319 26Sep21 15:27Z 3796kg
Vilnius EYVI EFHK-EYVI A319 26Sep21 18:31Z 2397kg
Helsinki EFHK EYVI-EFHK A319 27Sep21 06:19Z 3080kg
Santorini LGSR EFHK-LGSR A319 27Sep21 10:03Z 8325g
Helsinki EFHK LGSR-EFHK A319 27Sep21 14:43Z 9536kg
Malaga LEMG EFHK-LEMG A319 29Sep21 14:07Z 11517kg
Helsinki EFHK LEMG-EFHK A319 30Sep21 09:46Z 10112kg
Stockholm Arlanda ESSA EFHK-ESSA A319 30Sep21 17:03Z 2114kg
Helsinki EFHK ESSA-EFHK A319 30Sep21 18:21Z 2027kg
Oulu EFOU EFHK-EFOU A319 01Oct21 08:16Z 3882kg
Helsinki EFHK EFOU-EFHK A319 01Oct21 09:51Z 2490kg
Hannover EDDV EFHK-EDDV A319 01Oct21 12:09Z 4710kg
Helsinki EFHK EDDV-EFHK A319 01Oct21 19:02Z 4020kg
Kuopio EFKU EFHK-EFKU A319 02Oct21 16:25Z 1613kg
Helsinki EFHK EFKU-EFHK A319 02Oct21 17:14Z 1774kg
Zürich LSZH EFHK-LSZH A319 02Oct21 20:18Z 5711kg
Helsinki EFHK LSZH-EFHK A319 03Oct21 13:49Z 4893kg
Kemi EFKE EFHK-EFKE A319 03Oct21 15:21Z 2514kg
Helsinki EFHK EFKE-EFHK A319 03Oct21 16:40Z 2793kg
Alicante LEAL EFHK-LEAL A319 04Oct21 09:40Z 11030kg
Helsinki EFHK LEAL-EFHK A319 04Oct21 13:51Z 8137kg
Rovaniemi EFRO EFHK-EFRO A319 05Oct21 10:21Z 2893kg
Helsinki EFHK EFRO-EFHK A319 05Oct21 11:37Z 3221kg
Kuusamo EFKS EFHK-EFKS A319 05Oct21 15:17Z 2741kg
Helsinki EFHK EFKS-EFHK A319 05Oct21 16:41Z 3026kg
Split LDSP EFHK-LDSP A319 05Oct21 22:44Z 7192kg
Helsinki EFHK LDSP-EFHK A319 06Oct21 08:00Z 6271kg
Krakow EPKK EFHK-EPKK A319 06Oct21 10:57Z 4427kg
Helsinki EFHK EPKK-EFHK A319 06Oct21 13:54Z 3793kg
Mariehamn EFMA EFHK-EFMA A319 06Oct21 14:49Z 1611kg
Helsinki EFHK EFMA-EFHK A319 06Oct21 15:32Z 1558kg
Geneva LSGG EFHK-LSGG A319 06Oct21 20:38Z 5655kg
Helsinki EFHK LSGG-EFHK A319 07Oct21 08:45Z 6943kg
Kos LGKO EFHK-LGKO A319 07Oct21 17:22Z 7767kg
Helsinki EFHK LGKO-EFHK A319 08Oct21 10:11Z 10219kg
Lyon LFLL EFHK-LFLL A319 08Oct21 13:05Z 6934kg
Helsinki EFHK LFLL-EFHK A319 08Oct21 19:30Z 7218kg
Bergen ENBR EFHK-ENBR A319 10Oct21 10:21Z 3879kg
Helsinki EFHK ENBR-EFHK A319 10Oct21 12:26Z 3695kg
Malta LEPA EFHK-LEPA A319 10Oct21 17:49Z 8502kg
Helsinki EFHK LEPA-EFHK A319 11Oct21 17:49Z 8444kg
Visby ESSV EFHK-ESSV A319 12Oct21 17:15Z 2439kg
Helsinki EFHK ESSV-EFHK A319 12Oct21 18:24Z 2428kg
Vaasa EFVA EFHK-EFVA A319 13Oct21 15:10Z 2014kg
Helsinki EFHK EFVA-EFHK A319 13Oct21 17:02Z 2148kg
Stockholm Bromma ESSB EFHK-ESSB A319 13Oct21 18:03Z 2466kg
Helsinki EFHK ESSB-EFHK A319 13Oct21 19:15Z 1989kg
Madeira LPMA EFHK-LPMA A319 14Oct21 09:10Z 11659kg
Helsinki EFHK LPMA-EFHK A319 14Oct21 20:41Z 11540kg
Madrid LEMD EFHK-LEMD A319 15Oct21 10:47Z 9016kg
Helsinki EFHK LEMD-EFHK A319 15Oct21 16:13Z 9128kg
Prague LKPR EFHK-LKPR A319 16Oct21 08:42Z 4634kg
Helsinki EFHK LKPR-EFHK A319 16Oct21 11:34Z 4871kg
Tampere EFTP EFHK-EFTP A319 16Oct21 12:42Z 1425kg
Helsinki EFHK EFTP-EFHK A319 16Oct21 13:19Z 1245kg
Chania LGSA EFHK-LGSA A319 16Oct21 19:46Z 8252kg
Helsinki EFHK LGSA-EFHK A319 17Oct21 14:06Z 9559kg
Ljubjana LJLJ EFHK-LJLJ A319 17Oct21 18:02Z 5894kg
Helsinki EFHK LJLJ-EFHK A319 18Oct21 15:30Z 5864kg
Gran Canaria GCLP EFHK-GCLP A319 18Oct21 21:50Z 13617kg
Helsinki EFHK GCLP-EFHK A319 19Oct21 10:28Z 12994kg
Tenerife GCTS EFHK-GCTS A319 19Oct21 17:01Z 14297kg
Helsinki EFHK GCTS-EFHK A319 20Oct21 11:13Z 12670kg
Porto LPPR EFHK-LPPR A319 20Oct21 16:05Z 11270kg
Helsinki EFHK LPPR-EFHK A319 20Oct21 19:51Z 7975kg
Salzburg LOWS EFHK-LOWS A319 21Oct21 16:20Z 5584kg
Helsinki EFHK LOWS-EFHK A319 21Oct21 18:26Z 4250kg
Bodö ENBO EFHK-ENBO A319 22Oct21 15:16Z 3293kg
Helsinki EFHK ENBO-EFHK A319 22Oct21 16:49Z 3163kg
Dubrovnik LDDU EFHK-LDDU A319 22Oct21 19:57Z 6316kg
Helsinki EFHK LDDU-EFHK A319 23Oct21 09:04Z 5901kg
Verona LIPX EFHK-LIPX A319 23Oct21 11:53Z 5645kg
Helsinki EFHK LIPX-EFHK A319 24Oct21 08:49Z 6354kg
Rhodes LGRP EFHK-LGRP A319 24Oct21 12:36Z 8861kg
Helsinki EFHK LGRP-EFHK A319 24Oct21 16:29Z 8882kg
Bordeaux LFBD EFHK-LFBD A319 24Oct21 19:59Z 8102kg
Helsinki EFHK LFBD-EFHK A319 25Oct21 08:10Z 7439kg
Tel Aviv LLBG EFHK-LLBG A319 25Oct21 12:25Z 9049kg
Helsinki EFHK LLBG-EFHK A319 25Oct21 16:57Z 10309kg
Heraklion LGIR EFHK-LGIR A319 26Oct21 17:13Z 9067kg
Helsinki EFHK LGIR-EFHK A319 26Oct21 20:43Z 8434kg

much needed


I think this livery would bring some variety to current available A319 liveries.

Anyways - the challenge to fly all AY short haul routes with Generic A319 continues 😅.

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Only 15 more destinations to fly :D phew

Photo credit:

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This is an amazing plane


Landing in EFHK with generic A319 in an 1 hour and with this flight completing my task to fly the Finnair short haul destinations with the A319 with generic livery. I took me almost 2 months… and after 4 votes… here we are. Thanks for everybody who voted, I hope the little bird gets couple more votes in future.

But for now… Over and out ;)

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Wow it’s good livrey