Finn-14's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Practical passed]

Hello IFC

Airport - N/A

Frequencies - N/A

Server - N/A

This is my second tracking thread, since the last one was closed due to inactivity.

I have decided to start up my ATC practice again

Please feel free to come by, fly some Patterns and leave feedback if you would like to, it’s very much appreciated ;)


Hello, I was N458WU!

Here’s my feedback:

  • I would have monitored the speed better between me and G-SKENG. There was a couple of close calls
  • Good go-around call, but it could have been prevented. I would have said “extend downwind”, so you can maintain separation on final.
  • On my second pattern, you did a good job being proactive with us two in the pattern

Overall, you did a great job. Good luck becoming IFATC, and hope to see you around! :)

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Hi !

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me, I really appreciated it !

With you and the TBM doing patterns, I was figuring out how to seperate you in the pattern as your aircraft was much faster, I eventually got the hang of it, just a bit of familiarity as I haven’t done this in a while

Also, thanks for the feedback on how to deal with this situation, I will certainly use it in the future

Thanks again :)

I am now open at LEPA, feel free to come by for patterns 😁

No Active ATC at LEPA, Make sure change your topic to closed

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Oh sorry, I thought I had changed it, I must have not saved the changes, thanks

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I am open now at LEPA

If you would like to come by and fly some Patterns, I will appreciate it 😁

Feedback is welcomed but not required if you don’t want to leave any

Hope to see you there :)

Moving to KLCK since there is already ATC at LEPA

You still open?

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Yep, at KLCK 😁

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Will swing by now.

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Thanks you very much, I appreciate it

Good controlling today!
My feedback
great early clearances
Good job on my runway change
Could be improved:
pattern entry not needed on a go-around

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Thank you very much

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Sorry I couldn’t stay longer 🤷‍♂️

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Pretty good job! A few things to note.

  • Transition for me should’ve been at 4000ft. Two aircraft requesting transition requires one to be higher than the other to ensure the 500ft separation rules for VFR.
  • Z-Tube called in for landing, so you could’ve just cleared them to land.
  • You didn’t need to correct yourself with the clearance; since I sent my full stop and you sent your clearance simultaneously, you can just keep the original clearance. Option covers a full stop landing.
  • G-MANX could’ve gotten his clearance a bit earlier.
  • Z-Tube should’ve been told to follow traffic on right base; G-MANX wasn’t quite on final yet.

Everything else was great!

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Hey. As you know, I was IFC - Z-Tube, LYVA001. Here’s my feedback.

  1. Transition was good!

  2. Pattern instruction was good!

  3. I called inbound, not touch and go so I should’ve received just landing clearance. Be careful of that. It’s not a big deal, but it’s better to clear for what’s requested.

  4. Very late exit runway command. Optimal time is 70 knots for non GA aircraft.

  5. Late sequence. Sequence as soon as possible. Traffic was also on right base, not final.

  6. Landing clearance was good and timing was perfect!

  7. Pattern instruction for runway change was good! Definitely your sweet spot :)

  8. Landing clearance was timely and correct!

  9. Better but still late exit runway command. Use the above comment for optimal speed.

  10. Good job telling me to hold short of Runway 23R. You prevented a possible go around if I didn’t clear in time.

Overall it was a fine session. You need to fine tune some things but you will get there! Feel free to PM me with any questions and tag me when you open next :)

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Don’t worry that’s ok, I just appreciate that you took time out of your day to help me :)

Thank you very much, that’s very helpful, I appreciate it 😁

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Thank you for helping out, it’s appreciated 😁