Finley_Skaggs's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KSTS

Hi every one! Stop by at KSTS and do a flight.

Status: Closed
Airport: KSTS
Controlling: Ground
Active runways: 14, 20, 32, 2
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Why are you only controlling ground? You should control both ground and tower. Tower is important!

When I click the check box for tower the app crashes.

That shouldn’t be happening, have you tried the basic troubleshoot (restarting device etc)

Yes, I have tried that and it still did not work. Are you going to come?

Can’t now. Apologies

Hey @Finley_Skaggs,
I was N428OP that departed in the F18. Overall here were my observations of your ground control:

  • I requested a push back. You should not have approved that since I was not in a push back capable aircraft. You can just clear them to taxi.

  • You should have sent me a don’t taxi on grass, or that’s not a taxiway instruction on multiple occasions, I went all over in my taxi.

  • When I requested a frequency change, you should have sent a duplicate freq change instruction since you already provided the frequency change in the taxi instruction.

I would recommend you work out the tower issue asap. With your ground control, I would work on general ground awareness. Keeping an eye on everything will be very important as you get busier. Keep up with practice and you can get there!

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