[Finishied]31DEC21/1300Z- Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022@VHHH,ZGGG

Credit: CXVA

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022

In the past year, we have suffered a lot, but there are still many special memory in our heart. In this special day, we would like to host an event not only sad goodbye to the past but also say hello to the future.

How we plan

This is a flyout event, you can start from VHHH or ZGGG base on your choice. The available routes are listed below.

Suggested route:

Gate Departure Airport Arrival Airport Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
GateN62 VHHH VTBS A330 3h00m
GateN64 VHHH WSSS A350 3h50m
GateN66 VHHH ZBAA A330 3h25m
GateN68 VHHH RJTT A350 4h10m
GateN70 VHHH YSSY A350 9h00m
GateS11 VHHH OMDB A330 9h15m
GateS23 VHHH KSEA A350 12h35m @Seniorfirstofficer
GateS25 VHHH EGLL B777 13h05m
GateS27 VHHH KJFK B777 16h05m
Terminal 2 Gate 276 ZGGG RPLL B752 2h00m
Terminal 2 Gate 275 ZGGG ZBSJ B752 3h00m
Terminal 2 Gate 278 ZGGG CYVR B752 11h00m
Terminal 2 Gate 172 ZGGG KLAX B788 12h10m
Terminal 2 Gate 170 ZGGG NZAA B788 10h14m
Terminal 2 Gate 160 ZGGG RKSI A333 2h40m
Terminal 2 Gate 154 ZGGG VVNB A333 1h30m
Terminal 2 Gate 151 ZGGG ZSOF B787 2h15m
Terminal 2 Gate 166 ZGGG ZUTF B788 2h10m
Terminal 2 Gate 171 ZGGG KSFO B788 12h10m

How to sign up

  1. Reply to this thread, your reply should include name and callsign (CXVA pilot should use callsign in the CXVA)For example, CXVA001 G_Captain, Gate N60, VHHH-ZGGG


📑Event Information

⏱️Time : 2021-12-31T13:00:00Z2022-01-01T03:00:00Z
🌏Sever: Expert sever


  • Spawn with the correct aircraft and livery(Cathay or China southern) use your reserved callsign please if you choose VHHH-ZGGG, we may fly as a group.
  • You should follow the rules of sever especially ATC’s order.
  • Do not carsh.
  • More gates will be added if necessary, so don’t hesitate to join.


1. Should I need to be CXVA or CZVG pilot to attend the event?
2. Do I have to fly the routes listed above?
No, you can fly to your favorite airport. But we recommend you to use those routes.


China Southern Virtual Group

What is CXVA?

CXVA (Cathay Pacific Virtual) is an excellent virtual airline for Infinite Flight.It was co-founded by Cathay Pacific enthusiasts,and more enthusiasts will join in the future. In CXVA, you can get a better flying experience, take part in a membership program, and you may even become our pilot trainer. Join us and conceive your dreams. Dream Beyond!

Click below link to see our thread.

Click me to apply


Sign me up


Done, see you in the event

Friday 31st Dec is that correct?


yes, correct

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Thank you.

If possible to take the below route:

GateS23 VHHH KSEA A350

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Done, see you in the event!

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I´m starting my way!

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