FINISHED - World Cup Fly-Out @UUDD - 151700ZJUL18 - Calling all pilots and VA's



To join us for this event as an individual please post in the following format below:

Preferred Callsign:
Arrival Airport:
Aircraft and Livery:
Departure Time:

Failure to provide all this will unfortunately mean we cannot enter you so please double check if you already applied and copy and paste is you are currently applying!


@AviationJack what time would you like to depart Moscow? You need to spawn 15 mins before that to taxi!


Departure time: 1700Z
Callsign: Gulf Air 13


You are all sorted see above @Ignas04

I had to move you to 1701 due to 1700 being occupied apologies!


@capmatt you are all sorted above as well! Please note departure for you is 1704 due to occupied slots, apologies


Bro can you change my callsign to Oman Air 123


Yes, that will be changed now!


Just to make sure, is this on the 18th or the 15th? I see two different dates…


It’s on 15 th only , finals of the world cup.



A breakdown of event titles

15 1700Z JUL 18
15 = Day of the month
1700Z = The start time of the event in Zulu time
JUL = An abbreviation of the month July
18 = The year 2018

So it will begin at 1700Z on Sunday the 15th of July 2018

Hope this helps @Aceorbit


Preferred Callsign: Blue one 20
Arrival Airport: OTHH/Doha
Aircraft and Livery: Qatar A321
Departure Time: 1706


I"ll take a gate for KLM, 789 please.
@sparow are you in? Would be nice to have you as my wingman again.

KLM151 heavy
KLM 789


@Springbok777 @Justin0623 You are all listed above!

Thanks for coming!


Sorry but I can no longer attend this event my sincere apologies


@IAV_Official can u change my departure time to 1800Z?


@Springbok777 i am in
hope there are still gates open


Gate for my please.


@sparow I am assuming the KLM livery for you, you are down at 1721.

@Justin0623 sad to hear you cannot come, you have been removed!

@indraniel all sorted for 1800Z

There are lots of gates still available for any more entries!


Yes KLM livery what gate is mine?


Gate 10 please if open