FINISHED - World Cup Fly-Out @UUDD - 151700ZJUL18 - Calling all pilots and VA's


Correction is made @IAV_Official


Sorry for the delay!
You are now listed above!


Hi Can I fly
Departure Gates 08
Departure Slot 1705
Arrival Airport OMDB


Can’t attend, sorry (again just for extra characters)


Will remove you! Sorry to hear that!


You are all sorted and your details can be seen above!
Thanks for coming @Toshiki


Gate 15
BA 763
Speedbird 703


You are not going to get VAs participating if they have to use that Callsign instead of their VAs Callsign

Also, I go by my personal Callsign of “BCHASER”. I don’t change it for an event that I’m not part of the VA - Therefore that scares me away and I don’t partake in the event


I do agree with that.


Thanks for the advice @Balloonchaser

Shall make changes



We have decided now that you may take any callsing you like so please let me know your updated callsign choice asap!


Hi I would like to have a gate.
Gulf Air A321 - Bahrain Intl


Very nice event! Sign me up!


I agree too @Balloonchaser


Can I change my callsign to Etihad 68 then?


Gate 05
Slot- 1703
Callsign: IAVE438
Air France (Sky Team) 777-300ER


You don’t need to have the IAVE callsign.


Callsign : Air France 1238


What departure time and callsign @capmatt?

@Ignas04 Please follow the correct procedure!

@PedroG that shall be changed now!

@Don_King expect to see yourself up above shortly but can I have a arrival airport please!


Oops sorry!

Preffered Aircraft: Cessna Citation X.
Preffered IAV Event Callsign: LIT001.
Arrival Airport: TBD.
Aircraft and Livery: Cessna Citation X Community Livery.
Departure Time: 1700Z.