FINISHED - World Cup Fly-Out @UUDD - 151700ZJUL18 - Calling all pilots and VA's

Welcome to IAV’s second event. This time its a fly out from Moscow marking the end of the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup. The plan is to have VA’s and individuals departing Moscow across the world to replicate the fans and players leaving and heading home and we also hope to have the first aircraft departing just a few minutes after the final whistle meaning you can enjoy the game before loading up IF and heading up, up and away!

NOTAM: Please follow all ATC instructions and do not turn on NAV till instructed to do so by departure. Please spawn 15 minutes before departure time to allow for pushback and taxi!

Server: Training
Region: Russia
Departure Airport: Moscow Domodedovo Airport (UUDD)
Departure Time: 1700Z - 2100Z
Date: Sunday 15th July 2018


There is no set route! You can fly to anywhere flown to in real life from there or make up a route if you would like. More details on destinations can be found here: Please note Aeroflot does not operate out of this airport but you may still use the livery and this airport can handle even the A380!

Here is all the airlies that fly out of UUDD:

Departure Gates

01 - @Goran12 - Aeroflot A320 - St. Petersburg Intl
02 - @PedroG - Etihad A321 - Abu Dhabi Intl
03 - @indraniel - Oman Air B788 - Oman Intl
04 - @capmatt - Gulf Air A321 - Bahrain Intl
05 - @Don_King - AF B773ER - TBC
06 - @Ignas04 - IF CCX - TBC
07 - @Phareed_Cnr - AF B773ER - Paris Charles de Gaulle Intl
08 - @Toshiki - Emirates B772LR - Dubai Intl
09 - @Springbok777 - KLM B789 - Amsterdam Schipol Intl
10 - @sparow - KLM MD-11 - Amsterdam Schipol Intl
11 - @Mazen_Selim - Egypt Air A333 - Minsk National Airport
12 - @21ef774c0bc9947c3c55 - Aeroflot A333 - Belgrade Airport
13 - @ofkarakulah - BA A321 - London Heathrow Intl
14 - @MattyPhobia - BA A321 - London Heathrow Intl
15 - @AviationJack - BA B763 - London Heathrow Intl
16 - @anon8635826 - BA A388 - London Heathrow Intl
17 -

Departure Slots (Zulu)

1700 - @Goran12 - IAV3AVM - Event Lead
1701 - @MattyPhobia - Speedbird 0433
1702 - @PedroG - IAVE468
1703 - @Don_King - Air France 1238
1704 - @capmatt - Gulf Air 13
1705 - @Toshiki - IAVE404
1706 - @Mazen_Selim - Egypt Air 559
1707 - @ofkarakulah - Speedbird 360
1709 - @21ef774c0bc9947c3c55 - ADRIA
1720 - @Springbok777 - KLM151 Heavy
1721 - @sparow - KLM174
1730 - @Phareed_Cnr - SWIFT TANGO 101
1800 - @indraniel - Oman Air 123
2000Z - @Ignas04 - LIT001
More slots are available.
Even times will depart on 14L/32R with odd times departing on 14R/32L
All times are in Zulu last departure will be at 2058Z. Times will be added as requested to save typing up all!

ATC Services

Ground: @2003iggy
Tower: @2003iggy
If you are an experienced controller and would like to control please let us know via DM

How to participate as a individual?

To join us for this event as an individual please post in the following format below:

Preferred Callsign:
Arrival Airport:
Aircraft and Livery:
Departure Time:

Failure to provide all this will unfortunately mean we cannot enter you so please double check if you already applied and copy and paste is you are currently applying!

We will then reply informing you if your application is correct and confirming your participation as well as allocating a departure gate if yours is taken!

How to participate as a group/VA?

To join us as a group or VA for this event please DM us or fill the following details out below:

Group/VA Name:
Group Lead’s IFC Username:
Estimated number of attendees:
Fleet (how many of each aircraft and livery):
Arrival Airport:

We will then DM you to further finalise details and confirm your participation and gates!


During the event dont forget to take some great pictures on the ground and in the air then DM us them or post them below for a chance to be featured on our youtube!

Notice: The link to the IAV Events Discord will be made available closer to the date for participants and will be used for pre-flight announcements.

We hope you can join us for this event and possibly the VA in the future and feel free to ask below or in DM if you have any queries!

Happy Flying,

The IAV Team

Our Thread:

Our Website:



The event will now start 30 minutes later after taking into consideration half time and the chance of stoppage time!

We hope you can still join us for this great event! Details on how to apply can be found above!


Aegean Virtual is considering joining! The event looks very nice!


Sign me up IAV3CFO I’ll take event lead!


Thanks for your interest we hope to see you there! Aegean flies from Moscow to Athens and Thessaloniki all year round as well as Corfu, Heraklion, Rhodes and Kalamata seasonally.


I’ll sort you out @Goran12.


I will let you know if we join!


Looks interesting. I’ll take gate 02 and will fly to Abu Dhabi on an Etihad A321. If possible, I’ll take slot 1702 please; callsign Etihad 68

Please note that I will be flying individually


@PedroG please could you use an IAV Event Callsign? Details are above.

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Sign me up Gate 03 Oman Air B787-8.
Arrival: Oman international airport.
Departure time 2100Z

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IAVE468 please, thank you

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Sign me up Gate 16 British Airways A380-800
Arrival: London Heathrow Airport

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I’d like to take departure ATC AT UUDD.

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@anon8635826 @indraniel Please check the correct callsign procedures. It must be IAVE4 followed by 2 numbers.


@PedroG your should appear above shortly!


@indraniel Could you please let me know departure time and requested correct callsign.

@anon8635826 Apologies could I have your departure time as well thanks

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Gate 04
BA A321
-EGLL because England will be at the final lol

Also can you put me on standby because I might not have a sub


Dsparture time please @Cjthew91

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1730Z will be my departure time


Cos its coming home ;)

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Yes it is boi (this is just for extra characters)

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