(FINISHED) Wizz Air VA - Recruiment Event / LandingCompetition @LHBP - 151900ZFEB18 (More Gates Available)

Could I have a gate please?

Yeah no problem! Event in 1hr 20 👍

Gate R212, see you there 👍

Can I have gate 36 please?

Yeah no problem! Event in 40min 👍

UPDATE - You are allowed two landings, and the best will count. I will announce everyone’s scores below after the event has taken place. Enjoy the event and don’t forget to vote in the intitial post.

Many Thanks
COO Alex Hancock

UPDATE - You have two goes today, after the first one leave runway 13R and taxi to runway 13L to take off again, dont do a touch and go.

Many Thanks
COO Alex Hancock


Where is everyone? Im on the ground and can’t see anyone

@Lpurcell27 Make sure your on TS1 mate, be quick last person is taking off in a minute

Sorry it was on casual

come quick i will still count you in you will just be a bit behind

Whoever is Wizzair 1 and wizzair 206 they need to copy the fpl

They are just catching up i think

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@SlimeFlyer @Divij @crxmson @Vyach_Ev Second go? You are allowed 2


@skotshi for me your reverses are still on

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Anyone up for a long haul after this?

Im doing KJFK-OMDB if you want to join 12hr 20

What time are you flying that?

2100Z probably arriving 0920Z

I was perhaps thinking about long hauls inbound/outbound of Manchester (EGCC).