(FINISHED) Wizz Air VA - Recruiment Event / LandingCompetition @LHBP - 151900ZFEB18 (More Gates Available)

Wizz Air Virtual Recruitment Event / Landing Competition at Budapest!

Hello IFC,
This event is brought to you by Wizz Air Virtual (wizzairvirtual.nhely.hu) and since the revamp of the VA, this is the VA’s first official event and we want to make it a good one!
This event is to see any pilots who are thinking of joining the VA or want to discover it and for anyone who just wants to show off how good their landing skills are!
So just come along if you are free and take part in this landing competition.
I will be using your IF display name to decide who’s landing was best. You will be judged on the following:

-Centre Line /10
-Smoothness /10
-Technique /10

Where an overall shall be worked out by me and i will post everyone’s scores below once the event is finished. Announcing the best pilots among us!

The Event -

Server: Training

Region: Hungary

Airport: LHBP - Budapest

Time: 1900Z - 15th Febuary 2018

NOTAM: Landing Competition - So NO AUTOLAND ALLOWED. Show off your most skilled landing in whatever plane you feel most confident in! You can have as two goes (and only the best will be used) however please keep a 5nm gap between all other pilots going round. We will have ATC on so that shouldn’t be a problem.
The route is listed below.

R227 - @skotshi - Wizz Pilot
R226 - @SlimeFlyer
R225 - @AnsettAviatior
R224 - @Leonardo_Silva
R223 - @um_comentarista
R222 - @MartyFlies - Wizz Pilot
R221 - @Jeno_Farkas - CEO
R220 - @Alex_Hancock - COO
R210 - @jmwilliams17
R211 - @Vyach_Ev
R212 - @Divij
Gate 36 - @Lpurcell27
Gate 37 - @crxmson

Tower - @SouthernDude
Ground - @SouthernDude

Route: LHBP R2156 BP035 TPS15 AGMAS TPS11 BP522 BUD31 BP413 R2157 LHBP

I hope lots of you turn up on the Thursday and plz let me know if you are attending so i can assign you a gate, and to get and idea for numbers.
Also plz could you vote in the poll and any feedback would be really appreciated!

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  • Ok Event
  • Bad Event
  • Awful Event

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Many Thanks,
COO Alex


You should have made a note on “No auto land to be used” lol


I might be able to join

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Lol I will edit now 😂

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Sign me up lol. Can you make a list with all the available gates?

Yeah no problem Gate R227 @skotshi

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Do you want a gate? (Can always be removed)

Any plane or what because I like large planes

Yeah sure, I’ll have a gate

Yep any plane, it’s to show off how good your landing is and if you can achieve it in a big plane then you use a big plane! Do you want a gate?

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@QuarterBach - this is the event 👍

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Can I please have a gate?

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Sure thing, gate R225 sir!

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I can do atc for ya.

Wow that would be great! Thanks a lot @SouthernDude

No problem.

Good Day, SouthernDude

I can do tower and ground, if you’d like

That would be great, real help Thanks :-)

No problem.

Good Day, SouthernDude.

Can you put me in a gate?