[FINISHED] What is your favourite a320 family member

  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321

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Which ever one has the most after 15 votes will be my next paper model

You forgot to add swiss and edelweiss air to the liveries

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I do apologise

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Here is a new one

  • easyJet (old)
  • easyJet (new)
  • Wizz air (old)
  • Wizz air (new)
  • American
  • British Airways
  • KLM (fictional)
  • Air France
  • Elderwiss
  • Swiss
  • house colours
  • US Airways
  • Transavia (old(fictional))
  • Transavia (new(fictional))
  • infinite flight
  • Skyteam (no airline)
  • Star Alliance (no airline)
  • One World (British Airways)
  • factory
  • Jet Blue

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I live the easy jet 250

You like easyJet’s 250th airbus

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Picture by me
This plane is at Luton (LTN)

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Batik Air & Citilink ?

Sadly I can’t put all in a poll

DAM I forgot Lufthansa


Star Alliance: Lufthansa

I love the new Easyjet livery with sharklets.

What do you mean by KLM fictional? KLM does not have the A320!

I know, but a KLM a320 is fictional

I’M ANOUNNCING THAT I AM MAKING AN AIRBUS A320 but the livery awaits

I have decided to close the poll now because there isn’t any more votes at the moment. THE LIVERY IS: EASYJET (new)

  • just, new (rakelets)
  • just, new (shark lets)
  • 250th Airbus

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To expand it even further

Well, I’m doing 250th airbus

why close polls so quickly? i don’t understand. you need all community votes for being real poll :)

Great job and thanks for adding SWISS :)

…or we can wait for one last vote