(FINISHED) VGVA Presents - Time to go to the Beach! - @EGPE 212300ZAPR19

VGVA Presents:
Time To Go To The Beach!

Considered to be one of the top 10 scenic routes in the world, Inverness to Barra is a real treat. It also happens to be a Flybe route! So, lets take a trip from Scotland, fly across the infamous Loch Ness (keep an eye out for Nessie) and the Glencoe Valley. Be sure to get your Paul McCartney “Mull of Kintyre” ready to play as we fly over the Small Isles to land on the beach at Barra Airport, West of Mainland Scotland.

Event Info

Server: Training

Airport: EGPE (Inverness)

Time: 2019-04-20T22:00:00Z
(This will show in your timezone)

Aircraft: Q400 - Flybe


  • Join us as we fly one of the most scenic routes in the world!

  • Spawn Roughly 10 minutes before the time listed above.

  • VGVA Pilots Should use their VGVA Callsigns

  • Attendees not in VGVA may use their personal callsign but must not impersonate VGVA Pilots.

  • There is only 1 gate in Barra, so park in an orderly fashion once you land

  • Be Sure to take some nice pictures and butter grease the landing.

EGPE 5729N/420W RUGID 5721N/634W SUPIT PR251 EGPR

Take-off instructions
~2000vs at 200kts
~FL100 1500vs at 260kts
~Cruise at FL160 at 260kts

Landing instructions
~240kts -1200vs
~240kts to 10000ft - 1200vs
~200kts to 5000ft -1200vs
~125kts to 2500ft - 1200vs


Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate A01 @Hunter_Macomber N4711
Gate B02 @Siddhansh
Gate B03
Gate B04
Reserved Gates
Gate Pilot Reserved For
Gate B05 VGVA Pilots
Gate C06 VGVA Pilots
Gate C07 VGVA Pilots
Gate C08 @Kacey VGVA Staff
Gate C09 VGVA Staff

Air Traffic Control

Position Controller
EGPE Tower @Luke_L
EGPE Approach (Act As Departure) @Juan_Oosthuizen
EGPR Tower

Not all positions need to be filled.

The Virgin Virtual Group is a revolutionary Virtual Airline for Infinite Flight and the one that has hosted this event. We provide an easy to climb rank structure, over 200 routes, and with a range of aircraft in our fleet, you’ll never get bored.

Join Today on our #RoadTo200

Event Credits

Icons from flaticon.com

Thread by @KaiM and @Kacey

Banners by @Knellered


Can I be Tower?

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You sure can! Which airport would you like?

EGPE please ;)

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You’ve got it! :)

Sign me up,

Pilot: Hunter Macomber
Tailnumber: N4711

Any gate is fine

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You’ve got A01. See you there!

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Hi I would like a gate

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You’ve got B02. See you there!

Can I do tower?

Sorry, but the event is over.

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