[Finished]VAP | IFLA (Sponsored by IFLA) @SKBO 191730ZSEP19


  • Aircraft and Livery : B738 / Copa Airlines
  • Route : SKBO to MPPA
  • Server : Training
  • Cruise : 36,000 Feet
  • Cruise Speed : M.70
  • Additional Information: Join us flying from Bogota to Panama Pacifico! The flight is around 55 minutes. Must copy flight plan to IFLA members.

Reply if your going to be there! :)

Notice Please follow the instructions of the ATC.

See you there!


Might join… but not sure

I will join

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Great! See you there!

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Any chance to change it to expert?

I don `t believe. There are members that cannot be in ES

That’s quite an unrealistic Altitude for such flight time.

Is it MPTO, MPPA or what… idk which one is you

I copied MPTO.

Whoever the ATC is isn’t doing a good job :|

They instructed an aircraft to push back into me, and let two aircraft who were behind me in line go before me for takeoff.



I have no idea, it was not part of IFLA.

Thanks for coming.

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