(Finished)UPS Virtual Recruitment Event @ KSDF - 172200ZFEB18

What is your callsign?

Hi what day is the event

The event is tomorrow, 17th of February at 10:00 PM GMT.

My callsign will be UPS 870

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Id like to join with a good 'o MD-11. I’m mercury 166

It has to be a UPS callsign

Guess ill be UPS 166

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I’ll take a gate in a md11 ill be ups 177

What is your callsign?

My Callsign will be UPS 177

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I’m changing my aircraft to the B757-200 to add some variety to the fleet

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i was just doing some landings in the a330F and i realised that when you descend at -800 the nose drops down so low, it almost seems like you’re diving. When im landing please dont judge lmao, its the planes fault!


I will not be able to attend it’s really late for me on a Sunday my plans changed a little bit! Please mark me off

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Just before you disengage autopilot.
Do this

1: recallabrate the screen from the pause menu

2: Add +trim depending how heavy you are if you don’t have much fuel on board maybe +15-20%. If your heavy +50-60%. Then disengage autopilot and you’ll have a smooth transition to manual control

Add positive trim and you won’t dive

Don’t you think I tried that? Its not like im dumb. The AP was nosediving at -700vs trim set to 100% and flaps full. Doesn’t matter it nosedives. The thing is it descends at -700 it just looks like it’s about to fall out of the sky @Andrew_Byrne

@DylanIE @Andrew_Byrne Let’s keep this thread only for the UPS Virtual Recruitment Event please. Any further talks can be taken to PMs I believe. Thanks.


Our event is starting in 4 hours. There is still a chance to sign up!

The 747-400/747-8 doesnt have a UPS livery

We make use of generic liveries because of the lack of UPS liveries. UPS operates a 747-400 fleet