(Finished)UPS Virtual Recruitment Event @ KSDF - 172200ZFEB18

Server: Expert

Region: Southeastern U.S

Airport: KSDF

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: UPS Virtual Airline is up and running, and will be hosting its first event this coming Saturday. We encourage anyone to join! We will be departing UPS Worldport (SDF) and flying to our Caribbean Hub, Miami (MIA). In addition to having a fun time, those who participate in this event, and then join UPS Virtual will be immediately promoted to Trainee! Regular applicants must first reach 5 hours of flight time before achieving trainee. That will put you one step closer to the ultimate goal, ATP Captain. Details on the flight will be given via a group DM, closer to the scheduled date.

Flight time is approximately 2 hours. Any UPS aircraft is welcomed.

201- @Koby_Thomas- UPS127- MD-11F
202- @Jmacd20- UPS1224- MD-11F
203- @MrAlaska- UPS120- MD-11F
204- @The_Initial_Virus- UPS95- MD-11F
205- @Shrek1- UPS5150- 747-400
213- @Daniel_Olivas- UPS 16 33- MD-11F
214- @Trio- UPS 03- MD-11F
215- @Nashes- UPS263- A330F
216- @Dakelvin- UPS513- A330F
217- @SouthernDude- UPS297- MD-11F
218- @Mariano- UPS27- 757-200
219- @DylanIE- UPS314- A330F
226- @hussein_ali- UPS992- MD-11F
227- @Miguel_Ortiz- UPS870- MD-11F
228- @Eugene_H.Krabs- UPS166- MD-11F
229- @drewmisk- UPS177- MD-11F
230- @Jay757- UPS1332- 757-200

Notice- More gates can be added if needed. When requesting a gate, include callsign (Ex.UPS95) and aircraft (Ex.A330-200F).

We hope you have time to join us for our exciting first event. See you there!

To learn more about UPS Virtual and how to join, visit our main thread down below.


Sign me up, buttercup! I’ll be flying the gorgeous MD-11F, of course


Sign me up MD-11F plz


I’d love to attend. I’ll be bringing a MD-11F.


What is your callsign?

I’ll do “UPS 120” if that works.

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Sounding great and I hope to keep this going as the new UPS Events Coordinator! Sorry I cannot come this time but see y’all in the infinite skies! (-:


No problem! Glad to have you as part of our staff (:

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Please sign me up. UPS5150 flying the MD11-F


Sign me up i would love to join.

What callsign would you like?

United- Papa- siera (UPS)
16 33
would that be ok ?

UPS 16-33

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That’s perfectly fine (:

I’ll have a gate! UPS 03 - MD11-F :)


Gate plz UPS 263 a332F

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Assing me a Gate Please.

Callsign: UPS 513
Aircraft: A330-200F

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Ya spelled asking wrong

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Wow nobody likes the a330. Guess I am the only at this point.

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Haha Everyone loves the MD-11F.

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Finally somebody chose it