[FINISHED] UPS Virtual/Caribbean Virtual Hurricane Season Relief Flight @ KMIA – 111900ZAUG18

UPS and Caribbean Virtual Airlines Presents…

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Event Description

Hurricane season has arrived and there are a handful of islands scattered throughout the Caribbean that still haven’t even recovered from last year’s active and destructive season. How can we help? UPS Virtual Airlines has teamed up with the Caribbean’s largest and most respected airline, Caribbean Virtual Airlines, to bring aid to those most in need. We will be flying much needed relief and hurricane preparedness supplies to one of the most affected islands in the region. Due to the size of both VA’s aircraft’s we will fly our first leg of our relief mission to the main Caribbean destination for UPSVA located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There we will unload our aircraft’s and load up Dash 8’s to make the final trek into the famed and beautiful, but in much need of help, Princess Juliana International Airport located in the gorgeous and mountainous island of St. Maarten and one of the major destinations for CVA. This will be a 2-1 event. If you are only able to do one of the flights, not a problem, just request a gate for the flight you are able to do. Please see below for more details!

Event Details

Leg #1: KMIA - TJSJ [Miami International Airport - Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport]
Leg #2: TJSJ - TNCM [Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport - Princess Juliana International Airport]

Expert Server

Date & Start Time: (This is your converted time)
August 11, 2018 7:00 PM

Flight Details

Air Frame for KMIA-TJSJ (Cruise: FL350 @M0.80): MD-11F, 757 or A330 in the UPS livery | 737-800 in the Caribbean Airlines livery
Air Frame for TJSJ-TNCM (Cruise: FL170 @270KIAS): Dash 8 in the generic livery for UPSVA | Dash 8 in the FDS livery for CVA
Flight Time: Close to 4 hours.

Runway Assignments For Both VA’s:

UPSVA Runway Assignments (Dependent on winds)

KMIA - TJSJ (Runway 08R)
TJSJ - TNCM (Runway 10)

CVA Runway Assignments (Dependent on winds)

KMIA - TJSJ (Runway 09)
TJSJ - TNCM (Runway 08)

Gate Assignments For Both VA’s:

UPSVA Gate Assignments at KMIA (More can be added upon request)

Cargo UPS 01: @Koby_Thomas
Cargo UPS 02: @karl_iszler
Cargo UPS 03: @MrMrMan
Cargo UPS 04: @Playr_Mar
Cargo UPS 07: @DaYooper
Cargo UPS 08: @Spencer_Clark1
Cargo UPS 09: @TransitkidJason
Cargo UPS 10: @Shrek1
Cargo UPS 11: @Rockydawg_42
Cargo FEDEX 01: @Aceorbit
Cargo FEDEX 02: @jaier99
Cargo FEDEX 03: @AsternDestroyer
Cargo FEDEX 04: @Lars
Cargo FEDEX 05: @vkohli2
Cargo FEDEX 06: @Michael_Czyz
Cargo FEDEX 07: @Amaar_Viqar
Cargo Lufthansa W18BC: @siryolo28
Cargo Lufthansa W18B: @N.ell0113
Cargo Lufthansa W18A: @Hockeyman_02

CVA Gate Assignments at KMIA (More can be added upon request)

Gate J02: @rileymoyer
Gate J03: @VAnuj
Gate J04: @kznawsm
Gate J05: @Qx1056
Gate J07: @Nolan_56
Gate J08: @Plnelovr
Gate J09:
Gate J10:
Gate J11:
Gate J12:
Gate J14:

UPSVA Gate Assignments at TJSJ (More can be added upon request)

Cargo UPS 01: @Koby_Thomas
Cargo UPS 02: @karl_iszler
Cargo FEDEX 01: @MrMrMan
Cargo FEDEX 02: @Playr_Mar
Cargo FEDEX 03: @DaYooper
Cargo FEDEX 04: @Spencer_Clark1
Cargo FEDEX 05: @TransitkidJason
Cargo FEDEX 06: @Shrek1
Cargo FEDEX 07: @Aceorbit
Cargo FEDEX 08: @jaier99
Cargo FEDEX 09: @AsternDestroyer
Cargo FEDEX 10: @Lars
Cargo FEDEX 11: @vkohli2
Cargo INTERNATIONAL 01: @Michael_Czyz
Cargo INTERNATIONAL 02: @Amaar_Viqar
Cargo INTERNATIONAL 03: @siryolo28
Gate C02: @N.ell0113
Gate C04: @Hockeyman_02
Gate C08:
Gate C09:

CVA Gate Assignments at TJSJ (More can be added upon request)

Gate B2: @rileymoyer
Gate B3: @VAnuj
Gate B4: @kznawsm
Gate B5: @Qx1056
Gate B6: @Nolan_56
Gate B7: @Plnelovr
Gate B8:
Gate B9:


  • There will be assigned gates for both flights.
  • Please request a gate by stating which airline you are flying with and the route(s) you wish to do.
  • Please use the assigned runway departures.
  • Once you arrive at TJSJ, please park immediately, despawn and respawn into your second assigned gate for the next leg if you are partaking.
  • Please maintain 10-15NM from the aircraft ahead of you throughout the flight.
  • Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally for the duration of the event. This includes being courteous to fellow pilots during taxi, maintaining proper spacing in flight, and following ATC instruction should there be ATC available.


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Sign me up, buttercup! This’ll be a blast!

I’ll be repping brown and gold of course. MD-11F for the first hop!


Your two gates, reserved! @Koby_Thomas

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I’ll do it! I’ll take UPS Cargo 03 at KMIA and Fedex Cargo 01 at TJSJ unless there’s another UPS Cargo spot ;)
I’ll do MD-11F for first leg.


Sign me up, boss. This is going to be an awesome event!


San Juan only has two UPS cargo spots unfortunately! Your gates are reserved my man.

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Done! Looking forward to it!


I’ll join, both legs :)

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Hey Karl. Can I get a gate for both events please.
I’ll be representing for my UPS squad. 757F and Dash 8. Thank you.

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Sounds good. Which airlines are you going to fly with?

The gates are all yours! See you then bud.

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Carribean Virtual, sorry.

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Done deal. See you then!

Sign me up please. Caribbean Virtual. Both legs.

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Sign me up for both flights please!! This sounds awesome. I’ll fly for UPS 757 / dash 8

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I’ll take both legs for CVA. THANKS

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Sign me up for both legs - UPS.

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Please sign me up for both! Sounds amazing!

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Please sign me up for both legs. CVA

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Ill take both legs please!

Sign me up for CVA gates J05 and B5!

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