[FINISHED]Ultra long hauls for the long haul! @ KSFO - 201800ZOCT17

No one Regulars can add users to the gates because you need the post to be a wiki, so that we can do it. A wiki is giving us permission to edit your post, in your case giving users gates. 😌

Ohh, ok that makes sense, sorry for the confusion

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@William_Burke and @euroflyer check the pm I sent you for you gates

Would anybody else like to join?

Just so you know, the a380 is compatible as well

I found that out I just can’t edit the post…

Why not? Just press the pencil at the bottom of the post and you can do that from there.

I ran out of edits for the next 40 minutes

Ok. Just wait 40 minutes and you’ll be fine

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I will be there in a 787-9

Let me get you a gate please follow all rules in the pm I will send you now.

You now have a gate please check above, in the pm will be in any info or questions you might have

I don’t think I will be able to do an overnight flight for 15 hours because we have to go somewhere (I forgot the name of the place) so I will probably be able to stay for about 11 hours, but can I still have a gate?

Yes, give me a minute.

Thanks for adding me!

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I added you to the pm please go there to see any further details

Add me on there I want to be part of it

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Ok give a minute so I can

I gave you a gate please check above, and please follow all rules I gave you in the pm

Ok thanks mate! 9:00 pm New York time right ?

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