[FINISHED]Ultra long hauls for the long haul! @ KSFO - 201800ZOCT17

Would a 787 be able to make the flight?

Yes, a 787-8 and -9 can make the flight with full fuel, but a 787-10 would need full fuel and no passengers or cargo.

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First group flight so not exactly sure how this will work but I would like a gate as well. 😀

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I should make it! Can I have a gate.

I ran out of edits but you have a gate

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I ran out of edits for the day but you have a gate!

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Is there any chance that people can edit something if the creator invites them to? I can do it for you.

Let me see what I can do

I private messaged schyllberg to see what he can do

Can a regular edit the gates?

I think a regular can, but I am not a regular. @SingaporeAirlines is a Regular, so I think he can.

Or @Insertusernamehere can if he wants to…

Basically, anyone who is a regular…

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Actually, United currently operates a 787-9 on this route. Another thing is that FL35 may be higher then the plane can handle, I know that Fl33 for me atleast is the sweet spot for long flights, also consider s cruise at M0.85 as 0.75 in my opinion will be too slow.

I’d love to attend this event, although I probably won’t have the time, sorry. ☹️

And regarding the editing, basically you have to be TL3 to make your own topic a wiki, and you have to PM a mod for them to ma it a wiki for you if your not TL3.

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What livery should we use(?

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I have flown this route already with all the specs I gave is what I used.
Btw can you add a few people for the gates?

Well, United and Singapore Airlines operate this route, so use them for realism, but in general, I don’t think there is a livery requirement.

No not a wiki I need a regular or mod to add people to the gates

Regarding the editing you have to be TL3 to edit topics that are wiki’s. This topic isn’t a wiki and you can’t make it one because you aren’t TL3. A kid will have to make this a wiki for you as you can’t make it one if your below TL3.

Also a wiki is basically giving TL3 users to edit the topic.

I don’t want it a wiki, I want to know if a regular can add a few people to the gates, not make it a wiki.🙃