[FINISHED]Ultra long hauls for the long haul! @ KSFO - 201800ZOCT17

So 9 PM on October 20th

Yep!mark your calendar!

I just realized, I’ll only be able to fly for 12 hours because I have to leave to go somewhere at 9:00 AM and I won’t be back until 12:30 in the afternoon and by that time,you guys would’ve landed already

I’m still in this though

That’s fine! Leave when you want!

Ok, thanks for you flexibility!

Of course! I’m not going to chain people to their screens

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Thank you! And just wondering, what plane and airline are you taking?

I’m doing a Singapore Airlines 787-10. After all, are we are flying to Singapore Changi Airport.

I can do this one. I’ll like a gate.

Check above for your gate

When all or most gates are taken we will create a PM for the flight

The 747-8 can also make the journey so that can also be taken

i can make it looks fun

can i please have a gate

Can i have a gate please

@euroflyer and @William_Burke you will have gates soon I ran out of edits for the day

Maybe @schyllberg can add you two

Or @MishaCamp can add you two

Thanks i think i am going to take the 747-8 in the bbj livery,boeing or lufthansa

Sounds great see you then!