[FINISHED]Ultra long hauls for the long haul! @ KSFO - 201800ZOCT17

Server: Casual

Region: what is a region?

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: For this flight you must be in a 787, A380, 747-8 or 777-200lr as these are the only aircraft capable of this route. PLEASE FOLLOW THE ATTACHED FLIGHT PLAN AND THE GIVEN SPEED, ALTITUDE, AND VS

Speed Mach.75
Altitude 35,000
VS 2500

We will fly from KSFO-WSSS which is a 15 hour flight.

International terminal gates:
G102: @Daniel14
G100: @Joseph_Krol
G101A: @ZZBossGaming
G101B: @ClarenceTheAvgeek
G98: @euroflyer
G96: @William_Burke
G93: @Evanhagan
G95: @Miguel_Ortiz
G99: @Sekou_Fofana
G91: @Spraklin
G99A: @Ashwin_Valluvan
G99B: @Octoberr

6:00pm Friday October 20


Wait, is the 787-10 not capable?

Nope it does not have enough range.

Is the 777-200 LR in the the Singapore Airlines Livery?

No, it is not available unfortunately, you might make it in the 787-10 with no cargo

All 787s will make it with enough fuel

I think I’ll fill the 787 to the max, and put passengers and cargo to 0.

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B777-200LR Delta Airlines

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You have a gate! Check above

Boeing 787-10 Singapore Airlines

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I hope this one isn’t like my last event, turning into a murder mystery as people disappeared

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XD I know, right? wakes up and sees that 8 flights have dissapreared

I thought I was next because it was weird…

What date is this on?

It’s this Friday at 6:00pm pacific time

That’s next Friday??

October 20th???

Yes it is! Perfect tie for a 15 hour flight

What time is it for US East Coast New York?

9:00 pm same date just different time