[FINISHED] Udeme's First Flyout @ KSTL - 042200ZMAY20

Really great event! Could I get E4?

Sure thing @snoman

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This flight please
C16 to chicago aa738

Yep indeed @adri2007

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I would like to take C19 Frontier A320 to Denver. Thanks!

Sure thing, you are on my list

Tnak you! My callsign will be Frontier 772

Hello, Could I please have Gate A10 Delta Connection to KLGA?

Sure, thing your added

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E10 to San Diego please!

Sure thing

Can I have this one please?

@SahyaQFFlyer You’re on the list

Cheers mate see you there!

I’ll take this one!

Alright, you are added on the list @Pajd02

Awesome thanks!!

Ur welcome

I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose please 😃

I’ll take the FDX gate to KIND.