[FINISHED] Udeme's First Flyout @ KSTL - 042200ZMAY20

St. Louis Lambert International Airport, formerly Lambert–St. Louis International Airport, is an international airport serving St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It is 14 miles northwest of downtown St. Louis in unincorporated St. Louis County between Berkeley and Bridgeton.

Server: Expert

Airport: St. Louis-Lambert International Airport - KSTL


Please request which gate, airline, and destination you want and I will sign you in for that event. Thank You.

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1

Concourse A (6 gates left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A2 Delta Boeing 717-200 Detroit (KDTW) @Jelmer_de_Vries1
A3 Delta Airbus A319-100 Salt Lake City (KSLC) @Aero
A4 Delta Airbus A321-200 Atlanta (KATL) @GlobalFlyer1
A6 Delta Airbus A319-100 Minneapolis (KMSP) @captARK
A8 Delta Connection Bombardier CRJ-200 Cincinnati (KCVG)
A10 Delta Connection Bombardier CRJ-900 New York (KLGA)
A14 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Chicago (KORD)
A16 United Airbus A320-200 San Francisco (KSFO) @RileyBozina
A17 Air Canada Express Bombardier CRJ-900 Toronto (CYYZ) @Pajd02
A18 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Denver (KDEN)
A19 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Washington (KIAD)
A21 United Express Embraer ERJ-170 Houston (KIAH)
Concourse C (8 Gates Left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C1 Air Choice One Cessna C208 Jackson (KMKL)
C2 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Washington (KDCA)
C3 Air Choice One Cessna C208 Burlington (KBRL)
C5 Cape Air Cessna C208 Chicago (KORD) via Quincy (KUIN) @JarrettFlies
C6 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 New York (KLGA) @Sashaz55
C7 Cape Air Cessna C208 Owensborro (KOWB)
C8 American Boeing 737-800 Charlotte (KCLT)
C10 American Airbus A320-200 (Sub A319-100) Los Angeles (KLAX)
C12 American Airbus A320-200 (Sub A319-100) Miami (KMIA) @Udeme_Ekpo
C15 Alaska Airbus A320-200 Seattle (KSEA)
C16 American Boeing 737-800 Chicago (KORD) @adri2007
C18 American Boeing 737-800 Dallas (KDFW) @SahyaQFFlyer
C19 Frontier Airbus A320-200 Denver ( KDEN) @Finnishboy
C23 Frontier Airbus A320-200 Orlando ( KMCO) @Pingu
C24 American Boeing 737-800 Phoenix (KPHX) @Fish
C28 Sun Country Boeing 737-800 (Generic) Las Vegas (KLAS)

Terminal 2

Concourse E (9 Gates Left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E4 Southwest Boeing 737-700 Austin (KAUS) @snoman
E6 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Baltimore (KBWI @ToasterStroodie
E8 Southwest Boeing 737-700 Atlanta (KATL)
E10 Southwest Boeing 737-700 San Diego (KSAN) @Everything_Matthew
E12 Southwest Boeing 737-700 Boston (KBOS) @TranX
E14 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Sacramento (KSMF) @Igor_M
E16 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Cancun (MMUN)
E18 Southwest Boeing 737-700 New Orleans (KMSY)
E20 Southwest Boeing 737-700 San Jose (KSJC)
E22 Southwest Boeing 737-700 Los Angeles (KLAX)
E24 Southwest Boeing 737-700 Houston (KHOU)
E31 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Oklahoma CIty (KOKC) @Captian_Christian
E33 Southwest Boeing 737-700 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
E34 Southwest Boeing 737-800 San Jose (KSJC) @BigBert10
E36 Southwest Boeing 737-700 San Antonio (KSAT) via Denver (KDEN)
E38 Southwest Boeing 737-700 Minneapolis (KMSP) @Cole_Papenhausen
E40 Southwest Boeing 737-800 Punta Cana (MDPC) @IanD


FedEx Terminal (Full)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Apron 1 FedEx McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Memphis (KMEM)
Apron 2 FedEx McDonnell Douglas DC-10F Indianapolis (KIND) @NBSYT
Apron 3 FedEx Boeing 777-200F Minneapolis (KMSP) @MythicalFlyer
UPS Terminal (2 Gates Left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Apron 1 UPS McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Boise (KBOI)
Apron 2 UPS Airbus A330-200F Louisville (KSDF)
Apron 3 UPS Boeing 757-200 Portland (KPDX)


GA Terminal (Full)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA Apron 1 Generic CCX St. KItts (TKPK) @United2

NOTAM: Hello guys, this is going to be my very first flyout at St. Louis. The reason I chose this location is that this is where I was born and it is my home city. So be respectful and follow instructions if ATC is available because if you get ghosted, I will not be responsible. If it is Unicom, then use it properly. Please spawn it 10-15 minutes prior to my first event so you guys can have fun.


I’ll take a Delta A321 to Atlanta, thanks!

Yep 🙋‍♂️. Please & Thanks!

Sure thing, I will add you

Sure, thing you are on the list

Hey @Udeme_Ekpo! Looks like a great event! Can I take gate C23 to Orlando? I know @Delta319 is going to like this event.

This one please!

Both @Pingu and @Sashaz55 are added on the list

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Hey mate congrats on making your first event, looks great and I’ll take that gate!
I actually just made my first flyout too last night and it be might be up today so that’s some coincidence 😂

Ok you are added

Hi I will do gate c38 southwest 737 to Minneapolis.

I’ll take FDX gate1 to KMEM please.

Sure thing

You mean E38?

That gate E38 is going to KTUL, so I can add you for Tulsa not Minneapolis

Sure thing, I will add you @Delta07

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May I have this gate please. FlightLA205 (UPSV1675)

Sure thing @FlightLA205

Hey! You participated in my first flyout, so I’ll return the favor! I’ll take the United CRJ200 to Chicago.

Yep Indeed

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